Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sounds Like California

[4:51:43 PM] Jesse Smithnosky: also my softball team has demoted me to first base

[4:53:08 PM] BigBadBabar: first base is important position right

[4:53:16 PM] BigBadBabar: better than left field

[4:53:21 PM] BigBadBabar: er no

[4:53:21 PM] BigBadBabar: right field

[4:53:22 PM] Jesse Smithnosky: in littel league

[4:53:24 PM] Jesse Smithnosky: that was true

[4:53:25 PM] BigBadBabar: left field is important

[4:53:27 PM] Jesse Smithnosky: in softball

[4:53:36 PM] Jesse Smithnosky: first and second are where you hide the retards

[4:53:44 PM] BigBadBabar: could be on the bench imo

[4:53:49 PM] Jesse Smithnosky: catcher is next step

[4:53:50 PM] Jesse Smithnosky: then bench

[4:53:52 PM] BigBadBabar: ah

[4:53:58 PM] Jesse Smithnosky: what happened was sorta complicated

[4:53:59 PM] BigBadBabar: well, get it together smithnosky

[4:54:04 PM] Jesse Smithnosky: but basically the shortstop actually got demoted

[4:54:08 PM] Jesse Smithnosky: cause "guy who plays low A ball professionally" should be at shortstop

[4:54:25 PM] BigBadBabar: ah

[4:54:28 PM] Jesse Smithnosky: so shortstop is moving to 2nd

[4:54:37 PM] Jesse Smithnosky: and old first baseman plays a mean 3rd also

[4:54:46 PM] Jesse Smithnosky: come to think of it basically we all just shifted to the left

[4:55:01 PM] BigBadBabar: sounds like california


Dave said...

The importance of positions in softball greatly depends on a number of factors regarding the team you are facing:

1) Do they have a lot of lefties?

If so, 1B, 2B, RCF, and RF are important.

2) Do they have a lot of righties that hit opposite field?

If so, RCF and RF are important.

3) Do they hit a lot of grounders?

If so, 3B and SS are very important, as well as 1B.

If not, LCF and LF are very important.

4) Do they hit a lot of singles in front of the outfielders?

If so, then the OF arms, as well as the ability of 3B and 2B to field their throws are important.

Overall, I'd judge them approximately this way:

P (either you can pitch or you can't)

jesse8888 said...

Our league seems to have a lot of teams with plenty of lefties (one team has at least 5, and almost all have 2-3), and a lot of "slap it the other way" old men righties.

I generally agree with you on importance, the only exception being I would be tempted to put RCF above 3B. But in terms of "difficulty" for fielding the position (meaning what percentage of players can play it) I think we might need another list entirely.