Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Missed

First of all, I think I realized what happened yesterday. When the turn was happening the premature ten was still faceup next to the board. I think the guy had Q9 and thought we had been magically transported to the river, where he had the second nut straight. I swear to God I think that's what it was....

So anyway on to today and somebody open limps a woman raises a cold call I 3! AKhh in the SB, the BB does not fold and off we go 5 ways.


Lol great. I bet anyway and only the limper folds.

8 completing the rainbow.

That's all that's it I'm done I quit. BB bets and the preflop raiser...calls. That's curious. The cold caller and I fold and we see the river


The BB fires and is snap called. Then it begins:

Him: "nice hand, I missed" while patting the table.

Her: Fastrolls A8o for second pair, the unquestionable nuts after the words "I missed" have been uttered.

Him: Tables T2hh

Me: "That word...."

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