Friday, June 3, 2011

I Need a Queen

So today was another good day. I've re-couped over half my losses from the swong in 4 short days, with today as the capper, with me getting picked up out of fantastic games left and right and still just flopping only sets. What happened at the end, however, had to be one of the funniest and cruelest things I've done to someone at a poker table in quite a while. Some fishy prop powerlimps and I raise the king and the jack of clubs in the small blind. The BB calls, the prop calls, and we see a flop:


And I think there was a club out there. So I bet and am hoping to just take it down, but the BB raises and the prop folds and I take one off automatically getting 9:1 with my gut shot (and obviously large implied odds, or so I thought). The turn is a card that is not a picture and I check and prepare to go about folding because he pretty much always has an ace and even if he doesn't well it just doesn't matter I have to fold here getting 5:1. He bets and then the funny starts to happen. I go to muck my hand and actually start to pitch them forward but then realize something is wrong. The man has only bet 5 chips! I bring my wrist back and the conversation begins:

Me: "Is that it?"
Him: "Yup, all you can eat"
Me: "Oh, in that case I call"
Him: (Shows ace)
Me: "I know, I need a queen" (shows hand)

Of course it's obvious what happens here; I bang out the nuts on the river and the entire table is just kind of stunned. Like, it's very clear what happened. I was in the process of folding, but he ran out of chips and because he ran out of chips I called and the Gods smoted him and well it was just freaking hilarious.

For the mathematically interested, there are 44 chips in the pot and I'm being asked to call 5, so I'm basically getting 9:1. I need 10:1 if he shows me an ace, but there is some chance he only has a ten (this chance has gone up since I realized he could be kamikaze all inning it).

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