Monday, May 2, 2011

For Want of a Stamp

After claiming yet another victory in live poker today I decided to spend some time thinking about whether or not I'm willing to try and resume online play on some of the "smaller" sites. I spoke to a couple of friends all of whom were of the opinion that "yeah sure honestly what's the worst that could happen" and I tend to agree with them. Then I spoke to another friend who was happy to sell me some dollars on one site and put me in touch with someone who would help me move some of those dollars to another site and things were just going swimmingly except for one thing; I needed to send the friend a check, and my checkbook is obviously packed away lord knows where. Undaunted I set out for the garage, but upon staring at the two rows of 40+ boxes felt immediately sure that I was going to have to concoct some elaborate now 4 way deal involving Bike chips to get the man paid. But then I remembered that my life boom switch is currently activated and took another look; sure enough the box I needed was right on top of a stack of 5, probably in the top 3 or 4 easiest to access positions. I tore it open dug down deep and BOOM checkbook. I took a minute to peruse the rest of the box and decided to claim some tee shirts (being used for padding) and a hoodie (same deal), then glanced at the stamps.

Thoughtful Jesse: "Hmmm, stamps are a good thing to have. What if you need to mail something?"

Regular Jesse: "Come on seriously man when's the last time you mailed someone a fucking letter put the stamps back in the box."

Thoughtful Jesse: "OK"

I pack the box back up, even taping it up because Danielle would be pretty irked if I just went leaving open boxes all willy nilly all over the garage. I put it back in it's spot and walk upstairs to tell Danielle of my victory. Then I walk into the other room and pull up my friend's mailing address that he just gave me ten minutes ago and....

Seriously it's a wonder I can dress myself in the mornings sometimes.

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Dave said...

And of course this experience certainly will not cause you to reevaluate your "smash 'n grab" packing philosophy.