Thursday, May 19, 2011

60/120 Shot

Yesterday was a bad day at the bike, which is becoming more and more frequent. Basically we are becoming victims of our own success; today I played 20 minutes of 40/80 before getting plucked out of the game. Yesterday was more of the same, with me playing something like 75 minutes of 40/80 on my shift and another couple hours of 25/50. Yes I'm getting paid to sit on my ass, but that's basically the deal I quit at Oracle 3 years ago and I'm not really interested in going back to it. The army of yellow chip props doesn't help, because it's even getting hard for me to get into that game. On top of this they still owe me a bunch of back pay (from not paying me a high enough hourly rate, or for enough hours) and I was just told that since I'm part time I can't be granted a leave of absence for the 5 days I need off for my Pittsburgh trip (even though I've already squared away to swap shifts with BJ and basically get every hour I'm going to miss covered) and would technically need to be fired and rehired. As we speak it's being "worked on" but if the answer comes back that that'll have to be the solution (and therefore my 90 day probationary period, after which I'm supposed to get more money/hours/benefits, will be extended by over 2 months) I'm going to have to take action.

So on to the title...after my shift yesterday I drove over to Commerce planning to play 40 or 20 or just something and lo and behold there was a must move 60 running with 2 open seats, two players I recognized as fish, and a third I could stereotype easily as such. So I checked my pants and found they were in fact still there, pulled my pink chip from my pocket and bought into the game for 2.5 racks.

As it turned out not only were the 2 fish still fish, and not only was the stereotyped as a fish fish actually a fish, but also there were 2 other big fish and one of them was on my immediate right. My seat was worth $150/hour, easily. It had to be one of the best seats available in all of southern California, and I had just luck-boxed my way directly into it. And so we played poker....

Honestly my session wasn't that interesting. The megafish flopped a flush with Q6 (open limped UTG, call the 3 bet no problem) but only started the hand with $500 so my top pair didn't get hurt too bad. I missed a flush draw...meh. Then I started to flop shit, specifically sets. And they held up. And I won. After 2 hours I texted Kangster (one of the half dozen or so internet kids playing the 20 for a living now) to ask if he wanted dinner, but said I'd have to see if my fish busted. Then I won another huge pot, and resolved to pick up at 7pm (just before the next collection pot....another interesting thing about this game). The fish busted UTG and did not rebuy, and I basically followed him off the table, which may have looked bad but whatever, I was leaving anyway and Kangster bought me dinner in exchange for some life advice of questionable value. I shipped a 20 bet win, or $2400 American, and realized that the big potato was right when he said "If the Commerce 60 isn't on your radar, a prop job should be. If it is, though, you maybe shouldn't be looking to prop"


that_pope said...

Please report your wins in racks from now on. Thanks.

Captain R said...

Honestly, is there no greater feeling in poker than sitting down for the first time with a new denomination of chips? Makes you feel extra balla.

jesse8888 said...

It was 1.2 racks.

And honestly I didn't really feel that much. Like my heart did actually start going a little when I won one particularly big pot, but the $20 chips didn't phase me.