Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rate the Plays

In this post I challenge you the reader to rate from 1-6 the severity of each mistake made in this hand. The game is 25/50 LHE and my opponent opens the CO and I defend. My read on him is basically standard LA lag-fish. It's pretty apparent to me that he thinks I'm a nit.


Check. Check.


Pause. I bet. He raises. I 3-bet. He calls.


I check. He bets. I tank and then call.

MikeL declares "bad call" and my opponent turns over...KK. I roll T9o and drag it. "wow can't you ever lay down a hand fish!" comes the banter from Mike. "Good bet sir you'd have had my money".

So we have six decisions up for ranking:

1. My defense pre
2. His flop check
3. His turn raise
4. His turn call
5. His river bet
6. My river call

Have at it.


Grease said...

Ok, here is my rankings. FWIW his postflop play is just astonishingly bad. Epic bad.

1. Turn raise
2. Turn call
3. River call
4. River bet
5. Flop check
6. PF Defense (which I don't think is that bad TBH. Especially if he is just terrible post.)

Captain R said...

4. His turn call
5. His river bet
3. His turn raise
2. His flop check
6. My river call
1. My defense pre

bellatrix78 said...

rate or rank?
Here are my ratings, based on what he had, KK, not based upon his range, of course:
1. My defense pre - 0.5
2. His flop check - 4.5
3. His turn raise - 5.5
4. His turn call - 4 (yeah, it's pretty bad, but the odds could be there and you could be overplaying TT-QQ)
5. His river bet - 4.5 (though I sometimes fall for this one)
6. My river call - 2

So rankings
3. Turn raise
2. Flop check
5. River bet
4. Turn call
6. River call
1. PF defense

VBCurtis said...

A scale of 1 to 6 is unusual...

1. 1- good defense
2. 3- a minor mistake. In light of his other decisions, a decent play for him, but not for anyone decent.
3. 5- major but not epic.
4. 6- please send description so I can sit in 25 with him.
5. 3- there is no logic that can lead to him thinking you think he has an Ace or have a worse hand that can call; but this play happens to have a fair chance of getting you to fold a 9, so not a huge error.
6. 2- I don't think your play on the river is a must-call or must-fold, so a 2 for 'neutral'.

Patrick said...

I think we are rating them not ranking them...

1) 1
2) 3.5
3) 5
4) 6
5) 6
6) 2

Matt said...
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