Monday, May 16, 2011

And Another Thing

First of all, I'm happy to report that our first Live at the Bike 40/80 Cash Game was a rousing success. I didn't get a seat, but that night everyone was talking about it (and by everyone I guess I mean Bellatrix and 3 props at HG, but still that's a start) and in general the buzz can be nothing but good. My main concern going forward actually is that the fish we put in the game will see the coverage and realize they are fish....but MikeL assures me that won't happen and in matters such as this I usually defer to his judgement because it's easier to just not care. I didn't actually get to play (and you'll need to create an account to view the broadcast), but it's still fun to watch. Joe Tall make his appearance about midway through and the commentating even gets un-terrible.

Next....everyone is an idiot. First I went to Commerce last week and got back to my car to find not a small but in fact rather large dent in my door. It's like people actually try to slam their doors into you when you're there; they enjoy it or something. Next, I was driving home from Home Depot yesterday (we average about 10 trips a week these days, with Danielle making 80% of them solo) on the 55S and saw in front of me about 3-4 baseball sized rocks just lying in the middle of the road. I said to myself "Self, that's strange" but then was appalled to see, floating in what appeared to be slow motion (that's what happens when you're going 70 MPH), a 5th rock sailing over the giant concrete wall. The rock somehow managed to not hit my car (honestly I don't know how that happened) and I just ran over one of the others that the (no doubt) 14 year old boys on the other side of the wall had previously chucked. Danielle and I have decided that 14 year old boys are the stupidest things on Earth, and 12 year old girls are the loudest. Seriously...throwing rocks onto a freeway? Really? And finally just now as I was getting to the Bike I got off the 710N and found myself...immediately behind a giant parked truck that said "lane closed". So I just sat there for 10 minutes, wondering what would happen, until eventually he moved and I was able to at least go west on Florence (not east, like I needed to, but at least I was off the freaking ramp) and eventually got to work.

This month has not been the rousing success that April was, but I have at least been winning a little. I took a large loss playing 30 deuce to seven and lost something like 4 racks on Thursday and Friday last week, so I guess other than those two days I'd be saying "weeeeeeee!" but I can't really complain. Except for the fact that the bike still hasn't figured out how to pay me properly, which my boss has assured me for the 3rd week in a row will be fixed this week.


Patrick said...

Do you feel as unmanly as I do in regard to Home Depot? My wife, who is an architect, loves to build things and do projects, which involves her going to Home Depot. She also goes approximately 80% of the time solo, and when she doesn't go alone, I usually am following her since she knows what we need and where to get it, making me feel quite unmanly indeed.

jesse8888 said...

Yes I feel pretty unmanly at Home Depot, but I feel pretty unmanly in general so it's not necessarily causative.