Thursday, April 28, 2011


So yesterday MikeL and I are talking to our "boss" about this one regular who used to play with us. This guy had been showing up early, every day, and starting the game with us 4-handed, which is exactly the sort of thing we need to have happen. The problem is he went on vacation and just sort of never came back. Our boss got a text from another player at Commerce saying that said regular "was around at 9:45am, but nobody was there, so he went to Commerce" to which we basically responded "bullshit". Later he softened his claim to "I called around 10, but there was no game" or some such. Anyway we decided to ask him when HE wanted to start, and told the boss to promise him we'd even bring donuts and coffee.

Fast forward to today, after the bossman said we were still firing up at 10am, where I am on my way in and running about 20 minutes early. I say to myself "Self, wouldn't it be a hoot if you actually showed up with a box of donuts?" and since it's 2011 in Bell Gardens (unlike Reno, or my apartment) I google up "donut shop" on my phone and BANG the one MikeL told me about is less than a mile up the street. So 9:50am I'm rolling up to the Bike with 14 donuts and everyone just thinks I'm the best guy I could ever hope to be. Sure MikeL and I ate five of them between us...but that still leaves nine donuts for everyone else. I think I might make it a weekly event.

While our regular is nowhere to be found, another guy who's been playing with us daily shows up and asks me if I want to start heads up. As I'm tripping over myself trying to get chips, a dealer, take a leak without walking my donuts into the bathroom, and simul-text Mike and the boss...well OK I wasn't doing anything other than those 5 things. But those were pretty hard, you have to admit. We got the game fired up in short order with Mike and bossman coming in, I got stuck like a million bets within 20 minutes, but eventually finished the day up 3.3 racks at about 4pm (I only even stayed that late because BJ was uncharacteristically late for his shift, and actually played 6 handed at one point with myself, Joe Tall, DosXX, MikeL, the bossman, and one excellent game selection almost certainly the first time I've sat in a game where I was arguably in the bottom half talent wise in quite some time). Mike leaves at 3pm and I find myself now 5 handed (although admittedly losing the Mike is alway good, no matter how good or how many players you have left) with two experts but running hot like the sun. Joe Tall makes one hand against me, but I lose the minimum by playing pretty badly, and I make quads twice in 45 minutes (once on the river in a king maker pot where I got to 3 bet top set 4 ways on the turn). During this time I get some texts that add great joy to my day, on top of the MikeL quote that:

"What we need next is for the government to cancel no limit. Get the FBI chasing Doyle Brunson and such"

First, I get a text from Mike (who safely made his train) regarding our screwed up paychecks (they paid me less than they were supposed to probably because they thought I was still getting money from the scan promotion or some such):

"I told them to pay u less cause ur not as fishy as first believed"

This is based mostly on a hand we played where I had raised A6hh, he had 3 bet Kings from the big blind, I raised/capped the T53hh flop 3 ways, took a free card on the Td turn, and just called on the river Kh after the player in between folded. MikeL said "That's the best thing I've seen you do yet. Great call on your part there. But I don't pay attention to the game very much so I mean you could be doing backflips over there and I might not notice."

Next, I get a text from Pete, explaining how life is his new job is proceeding:

"So today we're giving a demo of our software to the bosses adn my coworker is projecting from his laptop -- halfway through, he switches windows and up flashes a pick of a chick giving a dude a bj. Lolol."

I respond

"Playing 5 handed with Joe Tall and DosXX"

And it comes back

"Take 100% of dos' action"....and you should be fine.

I play a bit more, sell my entire enormous stack to BJ upon his arrival (I was in almost 3 racks and won over 3, so he bought a full $6K off me which was pretty hilarious in and of itself), and...make a drop in at HG on the way home. Danielle has a basketball game and has only been to Home Depot once so far today (two is like the minimum it seems) and isn't going to be home for hours, so what the hell. I get a seat in the 30 and....apparently have the cheat code. I bink a full house on the river against an obvious straight. I bink two pair on the turn against AA that literally just forgot to raise preflop (he claims he thought he did raise, that the player in front of him limped). I sniff out monsters and make nice folds. I in general play great and run great and it's all just great. Eventually the game is short though and I move to the 20 to finish my dinner. On the trip I play 2 hours and book an almost $1000 win, putting me up into (for me) extremely rare $4K win territory.

I think I owe it mostly to the donuts.


Private Joker said...

"arguably" in the bottom half?! Mike, Joe, and Phil were in the game. Even I would be in the bottom half.

Nice job on the donuts though.

Captain R said...

So as this giant image of a chick on her knees giving head is projected on the wall, a woman in the audience says, "Johnny, are you showing us porn???"

I respond quickly, "that's plan B -- just in case the demo doesn't work."


jesse8888 said...
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jesse8888 said...
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jesse8888 said...

I'm pretty sure my home field advantage and general comfort level compensated for at least some of the skill differential. I arguably could have been batting 3rd out of 6th I guess is what I'm saying. Maybe. But I don't think it much mattered.

It's always important to plan have a plan B. I once opened the HJ and said "Time to steal it" and everyone called. I declared "Time for plan B" as the dealer was putting out the flop. Eventually I won the hand by spiking a gut shot on the river with my QJs or whatever, and someone said "Plan B worked?" and I said "No, B and C didn't work, but Plan D was a real winner"

Eric said...

Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?