Friday, July 30, 2010

Two Years

It's hard for me to believe/accept/fathom, but August 1st marks two entire trips around the sun as a professional poker player for me. I'm taking the next 4 or so days completely off from poker, and hope to come back with a clear sense of where I want to go from here. To be totally honest, I'm not very confident a third year is in the cards. I need to answer some hard questions, like "Am I happy, will I ever be, and whats the upside to continuing?"

I wish I had something meaningful or profound to say, but really that's about it. I am seriously considering quitting, and probably would have by now if I had any idea what to do next. Have a nice weekend.


Captain R said...

2 years? Wow. Give me a call, tomorrow night (Saturday) I'll be completely drunk and able to give expert philosophical advice I'm sure.

JFF said...

Will you blog about your return to computer programming or whatever... so we can hear about how horrible that is :p

Alan said...

I read your whole blog yesterday from start to finish. I'm the young kid at HG. If you're playing in the next couple of days, I'd like to talk.

Ensayn said...

How come you never switched to no limit holdem instead?

I've been reading your blog now for the past year or so, and your obvious frustration with variance in limit always lead me to wonder why you didn't use your qualities in a game where you can manipulate the situations and opponents to a much wider extent.

Good luck with life and the game, I hope you keep up the blog cause its a good read. I for one never cared about limit holdem :)

jesse8888 said...

Captain, I'll give you a call soon, and sorry I missed your drunkeness due to my trip to Yellowstone. Alan, drop me a message via some sort of private communication and we can get in touch.