Friday, July 16, 2010


Poker players like to talk about leaks, or flaws that cause them to lose, or leak, money. Don't showdown enough? Leak. Too loose preflop? Leak. Coldcalling raises? Leak. Not defending your blind enough? Leak. Fan of the Spearmint Rhino? Big leak. One of the best online poker handles I have ever heard was StripClubLeak actually. Heck there is a major function in Hold 'Em Manager called "Leak Buster" that most online players have access to these days.

So what's my biggest leak? Taking a leak. I probabaly miss anywhere from 2-20 hands a day on bathroom trips, and that's expensive.


bellatrix78 said...

Not necessarily. I know you wanted to be witty with your post. But I'm very much Tommy Angelo school in that I take a break at least once an hour online and once every two hours live. Doesn't matter if it's just to take a leak, smoke (yeah, I know...) or even just wander around a bit. You come back fresh to the table and that orbit you missed isn't gonna kill you in terms of WR.

jesse8888 said...

You're not me, though. If I could go 2 hours at the table without getting up to take a leak I would consider myself severely dehydrated. Today I consumed roughly 160 ounces of various fluids. Think about that.

Also, GeoCaching sounds fun ;)