Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Briefly Commerce 20. I have just lost a huge pot with ATdd in which the SB just called 3 streets with JJ on a KT9cc-4-9 board, only to lose to megafish's QQ (which also limp/called pf, and called only on the flop and turn). So JJ man is now on the button, and calls my raise after megafish limps UTG. The blinds both call, and my AJss sees a five way flop of:

Kd Ts 6s

3 checks and I fancy a wager with my rainmaker draw. The button calls, the SB raises, and the BB, a Lagrasian fish named KK, three bets. The megafish UTG folds and I cap it up. The button now takes 3 to the chin and both blinds call.


The blinds both check and I check it right back. The button thinks for a second and declares "OK OK" and checks. The blinds both look sick to their stomachs.


The SB bets and the BB raises instantly. I tank, trying to decide how to get the most money I possibly can into the pot and for some reason decide to just call. Logically KK cannot possibly have two diamonds (he c/3'ed the flop and the Kd is on the board...even QJdd has been ruled out) but he's KK and logic does not strictly apply. I figure him for 2 pair or a set of sixes, but am also extremely confident the SB won't fold whatever hand he's got (that for the same reasons is not a flush) for 1 more bet, and maybe just maybe the button will call 2 cold with some retarded two pair like AT. In retrospect it's maybe a 3 bet but no matter.

The button 3 bets. And in the same beat, my head explodes.

The SB folds, KK calls and says "maybe we chop" and I lol and call. The button displays, with great pride, 62dd for the kill.

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