Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random Bullet Points

1. Soccer is still stupid. I really don't care what anyone else says. I read this somewhere, perhaps a random quote on two plus two, and thought it was about accurate:

Soccer is like Twilight. They run around for 2 hours, nobody scores, and two billion fans insist that you just don't appreciate it's beauty.

2. LeBron James is an arrogant ass. I have a pretty high tolerance for "me me me me" type athletes, but freakin' wow this is another level.

3. My attempt to play online full time basically didn't take. I didn't play a hand of serious stakes live poker from June 22nd to July 7th, and basically got run over in the online 2/4 and 3/6 games. I don't think I am currently capable of the mental fortitude required to play at an extremely high level (for me) for thousands of hands per day. Like I believe that if I game/seat select well and play only 2-3 tables at once for only a few hours a day I'm likely a pretty solid winner. But when I started forcing myself to play for 6+ hours a day running 3-4 tables at once and the like I believe I slipped from A game to B or even C game, and that's just unacceptable. So....

4. Yesterday I went back to HG for the first time in two weeks. The games were exceptionally soft, and my plan for the near term is to crank up the hours/week to Legendary level and basically just play through it. I may even check out the Hollywood Park 15/30 game, which I've heard is superb and goes every day, but only on one table. There was only one Oaks 30/60 and that didn't seem to hurt it much.

5. Vegas was great, and Leo Doc will be publishing a trip report of either Epic or Legendary proportions very soon. So you're probably gonna have to read about it from him...don't worry I'll put up a link as soon as he starts.

6. Yesterday I weighed 166 pounds. Today I weighed 169 pounds. This sort of proves my theor that Las Vegas just sucks tangible life directly from your body. Back in LA for 36 hours I gained 3 pounds and honestly didn't eat very much yesterday. So I've gone from having this thing completely locked down to needing to get back on the stick quickly and lose a pound a week for the remainder of the challenge.

7. Professor Ben and his roomie, Card Sharp Cook, ONE TWO-ED the limit hold'em shoot out even at the WSOP. In the history of the WSOP I am willing to bet at even money that such an accomplishment has never before happened. Ben is an old friend of mine who hosted the "most fun home game in which I have ever played" back when he lived in the Bay Area, so super props sir congrats it was much deserved.

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bellatrix78 said...

It takes extreme discipline to play good poker online for extended times (6+ hours, wow). I could never do it. I would still say that you don't completely give up online and still play like an hour/day, especially shorthanded to further your game.