Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So Far So Good

Bay 101 has been great so far. Nobody has thrown his cards or berated the dealer, and I've even played with Woon! My HOTD so far:

Fish limps the HJ, I raise KTo (he's real bad) in the CO, and get 3 calls from the remaining 3 players. Yay.


I even have the Kd. The SB check/raises me, I 3 bet, and he caps. The button and HJ dutifully call every bet.


And the SB checks in what has become a 13 big bet pot. I bet, button calls, SB now check/raises, and the HJ takes 2 more to the dome. The pot is, to quote SSHE, "extremely large" and it's pretty likely that I'm beat. However, I have a million outs to beat even the 98 staight, and with two players padding the pot with obvious diamond draws (or even worse) I decide to kick up one last notch. Everybody calls and I contemplate checking back the river UI until....


Bink. I bet and the SB pays me off before walking away muttering to himself.

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CT said...

glad to see your luck is turning around