Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why Do I Torture Myself?

So I arrived at HG today and checked in at 12:06:57 (they have a digital clock above the board). This was noteworthy because my callin time was 11:36, meaning I was due to come off the board in three seconds, which would have left me 5th up instead of 1st for the single 20/40 game.

35 minutes later I'm informed that the player in seat 8 isn't coming back after his 20 minute lobbying time has expired. Someone seat changes and I get the 4, which is currently in the HJ, one seat too late even for me to post in. So I wait 5 hands and for some reason, probably the 45 minute delay, decide to post as the natural big blind instead of waiting one last hand and posting "between", which you're allowed to do at HG and was my custom in the Bay Area (you can't do it at Commerce which is also another reason I sorta didn't bother, I've grown accustomed to taking the natural big blind). Anyway....

My post-in goes off without a hitch; I lose $20 and that's that. So my next hand I am the SB and realize that thanks to the modern two deck shuffling machine system, this hand will be dealt exactly as if I had waited to post until now. Curious....

Someone raises a limper and I behold the 85cc. He gets two cold calls and I chuckle, knowing full well this is a hand I'd play if I only had those 2 more chips out there. But as it is I fold and the pot goes off 5 ways.


I should have not watched. I should have just looked away and let the outcome, to me, remain unknown forever. But I could not look away because I was SURE of what was about to happen. The PFR bet and like 3 players called. Obviously in a pot of this size I'd have peeled for one bet, and honestly considered calling 2 cold. And right on cue.


My check/raise would have been called by 3 players. As it is the river is seen 4 handed.


The preflop raiser's AK takes it down, with one player playing police and claiming a kicker deficiency. The other two players both lament their bad luck in holding JT. Were I in the pot it would have been about 20 big bets, 15 or so of them profit, or two days worth of EV.

Why do I torture myself like this? Why can't I just let it go? I need to learn how, and soon.


Evan S. said...

it does not matter and it is not 2 days woth of EV because it's all averages and sometimes some stupid little difference will let you win a big pot. in this case you missed a big pot, but what about that time when you accidentally set your BB out but you were really UTG, or the time you straddled because the dude next to you gave you 1 extra chip.

Brooks said...

did you let pohuist ghostwrite today?

jesse8888 said...

Yeah yeah yeah guys I know it's awful. The reason I made the post is that I knew it was awful for me to even be thinking about it, but yet there I was at the table counting the chips that I felt *should* have been in my stack.

Evan, I will say I have never even done either of the two things you gave as examples, so obviously I'm still waiting for one of them to cause me to win a monster.

Lucas said...
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Lucas said...

I still don't see how people avoid thinking about this kind of thing. It is this type of self-torture that, over time, molds poker players into the social dregs we are.

Who folds suited hands preflop anyway?

Anonymous said...

I folded 93o in the BB after a preflop raise and a few callers. Flop was 9 9 9.

I folded 72o in the BB after a preflop raise and a few callers. Flop was 7 7 2.

Poker is about odds and knowing when they favor you. You voluntarily put your money in pot when you have an advantage.

Any two cards can and frequently do win, but you have to play the odds if you don’t want to become a fish.