Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Missed These Guys

Online poker just doesn't provide this level of awesome. Yesterday:

The CO is posted in and we have ourselves a 5 way raised pot. I have ATo in the BB and the raiser is in EP and has a better hand than me. Like not a stronger range....every hand in his range has me beat. CO just calls the raise and the button folds.


All 5 of us check. LOL OK.

KQ6-3 putting two hearts

4 of us check and the CO bets. I've never seen him before and this is his first hand, but he has either a fresh heart draw or a set of threes right? I call knowing everyone else is folding. They all do. The river bricks off like a black 8 and I call him again and he shows me AKo that he checked back the flop with 5 ways and didn't 3 bet preflop. I mean wow....

Then already today.....

I open JJ in EP and the BB defends. He donks the KJ8hh flop and I just call. Maybe bad but online balance issues are swimming in my brain. Turn is a blank and I get to raise/4. River is a card and he call/rage-mucks. So he donked two pair? A set of 8s? Way to go champ thanks for the 260 next time I fastplay your donk I pinky promise.

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