Thursday, August 5, 2010

Not Dead Yet

I have returned from my 5 days off feeling somewhat refreshed, albeit still greatly apprehensive about my future as a professional poker player. I have decided that in the near term I am going to continue to play, shifting from Hawaiian Gardens back to Commerce and moving to playing as late in the day as I can possibly muster. While subjectively the players at HG are complete idiots, objectively through 200 or more hours of play with them my results have been terrible. So I'm going back to poo-flinger central and hoping not to have to kill anyone within the first week or so at least.

Thanks to everyone who has sent well wishes by virtually every form of communication imaginable, and look here for a trip report on my vacation to Yellowstone with my mother in the coming days. Also, at some point I will start posting again on two plus two; pinky promise. I'm not dead yet, but things are still in quite a bit of limbo.

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