Sunday, December 13, 2009

What Not To Do

Garden City 20/40 just a few minutes ago (there is no 40/80 game and little hope of one starting). Before I even post our hapless villain plays the following hand, roughly.

7 ways capped preflop, with him as the original raiser. Board is:


Much action goes in, with him bet/3-betting. 5 players remain.


Some players check to our hapless villain, who bets. Two players call and Elvis (not Oaks Elvis....another one) raises THE FIELD. This move is met with a chorous of "ooooooo, ahhhhhhhh" and "aye chiuwawa!" type shenanigans. Without looking at the board I can say with great confidence that "he has it." What exactly "it" is really has no bearing. He fucking has it. In this case Elvis is rockin' a 4 at the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM.

Our hapless villain 3-bets. The other two players fold reluctantly (one of them being the preflop 3 bettor and flop raiser) and Elvis 4-bets. Like I said, he's got it...our hapless villain calls down and rage mucks AA after seeing Elvis roll the 74 sooted.

So that was bad. Some might even say "completely devestating," and I would not argue for more than a cursory few seconds. But this is way worse.

Aggro villain opens the CO and villain flat calls the SB. "the cannon" of previous jessetakesashot fame calls the BB because her cards have not been accidentally mucked and we are off.


Villain donks. Just right out there. Time to check the hole cam....

Pocket Kings

So to be clear he just called preflop, when the BB is incapable of folding. Then donked the flop. Now it gets better....

Shannon raises, the CO calls, and he just calls. Nice....


Checks around. Dude checks and airballs the c/r. He is now somewhere between 40 and 100 dollars behind schedule for how much each player should have put into this pot. The Cannon is notorious for this move, the "raise to slow em down" special.


He donks and only the cannon calls. He rolls his second nuts and drags it. I am in awe.

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