Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back In Action

And I find out this is what I've been missing in the 20/40.

5 handed and LAG monkey opens UTG. I muck, decent regular button 3 bets and props A and B cold call their blinds. UTG calls 4 ways for 12 bets.

Th 7h 5d

Check check UTG donks button raises. Los propos call 2 cold a piece, UTG 3 bets now all call. 4 ways 12 big bets.


UTG bets, button and SB prop call. BB prop folds closing the action at 15:1.


Checks around. SB prop tables 74s and is met with vigorous head shaking. I am in awe. He racks up and walks his $2400 to the cage before taking his next blind.

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