Saturday, December 12, 2009

5 for 5

Tonight's propping session was full of awesomeness. I immediately sat in a short handed 40/80 game, played well for an hour, won $500, and got up when the game broke. With no 40/80 in site and the 60/120 going strong, I figured I was going to get to spend the rest of the night playing my game of choice. Or so I thought. I played 20/40 for about an hour (and won a rack) before Frank walked into the casino. He somehow managed to convince Davie to start a 40/80 game three handed, with himself, me, and a single customer. I was dumbfounded but decided not to test the bounds of my freedom and sat into the game. Frank immediately (I mean really, freaking immediately, on the first two hands dealt) cracked my flopped top pair with little gamble (42s) that he turned into a flush and A2o which he turned into two pair when the ace spiked on the river. That was the end of all things bad.

In all we played for 2 hours, mostly 4 and 5 handed (two more customers did sit down) and eventually 3 handed. Frank even tried to get the 60/120 game to go 10 handed and offered to give up his spot on the list for the two customers (he won like 2 racks or some such and apparently that is all he needs to quell his gambling fever), to no avail. Eventually at 3:20am, after playing for 20 minutes with me INSTEAD of taking the 2o open 60/120 seats, the customers quit and I was relieved. I won about $600 (which isn't bad given that I was buried more than that much after the first two hands off the deck), but I think I played pretty badly. I made some weak calls (that should have been raises) and probably wasn't opening my button or 3-betting the small blind enough. I think I was a small winner in the lineup, but not nearly as much as I should have been.

Next up I sat into an 8/16 game and won a rack in 30 minutes. Always nice. I finished out the evening with 90 minutes of 20/40, during which I won a whopping $84. Then a final good thing happened, as I was reminded on my way out that it was pay day. I stopped at the window an received my first pay check since August 2008. Things are looking up, if only slightly. You guys have even started clicking on some ads in the past few weeks. If this keeps up, I might get my first check from Google before 2011.


The blindman said...

This thing has ads?

jesse8888 said...

LOL yes, yes it does.


When you buy into the 8/16 game how much do you usually sit down with?