Sunday, December 6, 2009


Night two of propping has been fun so far. I started in the 20, played an hour, they collapsed from 3 to 2 tables so I lost my seat, got called to the 40, played a half hour and then volunteered to leave for a customer, then ate "lunch". Next I snagged an 8/16 seat since that's way more fun than sitting around (now I'm back to 20/40 where I expect to stay til 6:00). While at 8/16, this happened.

8 handed, lojack power limps. I raise A3cc in the CO. Why not I ask you? Button calls two cold and BB comes along. HJ now back raises. We all call and the flop falls:


BB checks and LJ bets. The pot is huge and I have a pair, so I raise. Also he could have AK. Maybe. Button folds but BB calls. HJ 3 bets. Time to spike a 3.


Aiyah! BB bets! Aiyah! HJ calls. I raise. BB mucks. WTF? Now wait for it....HJ back raises for the second time this hand. I am stunned and call only; dudes got a boat right?

J93-3-K no flush

He checks! I tank and bet. He calls and his QQ is no good. His street by street line?

Limp reraise
Bet 3bet
Call reraise
Check call

In retrospect there is some validity to his turn play. I DID raise preflop. I shouldn't have a 3. But I mean really.

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