Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jabba the Hut

My friend Dan is currently in Macau, and since that makes him awake during my shift we've been sending some emails back and forth. Here is the content of a gem from last night after he told me he used to do some tutoring a few years ago:


tutoring is the WORST man. i used to go thru an agency where i only got 25/hr and they took the other $25 for finding clients before i decided on going private. basically have to tutor the snobbiest little brats whose parents expect you to work miracles with kids about as motivated as jabba the hut...its only rewarding when you get kids that want to learn, but i usually got spoiled rich kids who had no desire to learn and whose parents would allow them to watch NFL whilei was trying to tutor them, then i get this befuddled look when they dont get A's, and im like, well, you allow your child to be treated like a king, what do u expect?


Say what you will but Jaba the hut had pretty much already achieved all his life goals.

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