Monday, December 14, 2009

But It Was Sooted

I'm sitting in an 8/16 game waiting for 20 or 40 and there is this guy playing every hand. Not almost every hand....every single one for over an hour.

So he limps and I'm on the button. The small blind is telegraphing a fold and the big blind is a weak tight nit. What are my cards you ask? K2. Sooted. I raise. Small blind finishes mucking, big blind calls and my whooper calls along.


They check to me and I bet. This flop is actually fantastic for me. If I was ahead before, I still am now. And the nit might even fold some pairs, and if he doesn't I have 6 outs to beat him. The nit folds but my customer calls. Sadly this means he has a ten, ace, or a gutshot, and he will never fold.


I was planning to barrel any turn, but this changes things. I have outs now. I can't fold if he raises, and on top of that he pauses before checking and almost bets. I insta-check behind. The river bricks off and I check behind again. He rolls T2s for the win.

I posted this hand because I think it's the most outs I've even picked up in a HU pot. On the flop I had 3 outs, just the kings. On the turn I had those 3 kings, 4 queens, 3 more jacks, and any heart 2-9. Pretty big turn....yet somehow I still can't raise a dominated hand with king freaking deuce and get a win.

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