Monday, January 24, 2011

Silly Things I Did Today

In a single ten (10) hour session of live 20/40 I achieved the following merit badges:

Expert Check Back and How'd You Lose That Hand

I don't remember the exact action of this hand, but it involves me calling a raise in the big blind with A6o, and seeing a flop 5 ways of:


I checked raised the field and the preflop raiser folded (damn you BJ one time could you just have something resembling a real hand and have to call me down for the jackpot equity) and I think someone else actually LOL folded and me and the small blind saw the turn peel off:


The SB checked and I insta-checked back. He has either an ace or a flush, and that's all there is to it. He leads the river 8 and I making a crying call to see his....K6hh. To recap:

[x] check/raise 5 people with trips
[x] correctly check back trips HUHU for free card at full house draw
[x] lose to K6 with A6 on flop with two aces.

Spew Cap

The action folds around to me in the HJ and I make raisy daisy with the Jack and the Nine of clubs. The CO 3 bets and the other three I put in the spew cap because whatever it's Jack Nine SOOOOTED and not capping Jack Ten soooted would be cause for convening a review board to impose sanctions against me. The flop comes:

9s 5s 3c

And to boot the BB donks into me. I raise, a couple people eat two cold, the BB 3 bets and for some reason I play bad and don't cap it, convincing myself I will raise the turn, which is a red ten. The big blind leads and I realize he's almost all in (only 3 chips left) and I sense something about his actions tells me not to raise, so I don't (this is bad...really bad....I need to not do stuff like this), and the two players behind me both call right along with their various over cards and gutshots and whatevers that are bound to crack my pair of nines. The river pairs the 3 and the BB bets his last 3 chips, I call, and the button....completes the bet to 8 chips. I fold, the button shows 32ss, and the big blind....mucks and claims "top pair and a spade draw" which probably means KT of spades. So to recap:

[x] cap J9s
[x] play like a donkey
[x] fold for 5/8ths of a bet closing the action on the river in a 16 big bet pot

....I started writing this post almost a week ago, then went to Boston for 5 days, and am now trying to finish it....I don't remember the hands that well, but will do my best to fill in the details:

Just Plain Spew

Again I somehow end up in a pot with A6o, this time holding the ace of clubs, and once again the pot was raised UTG and I called closing the action at something like 11 or 13 to one. The flop came off


And it was requested of me to call two bets cold in what was going to be a 3 to 4 way pot, not closing the action, getting immediate odds of about 9 to 1. So I called. The UTG preflop raiser three bet and the crazy gambling man (who spends his time telling people how to beat the commerce 1/2 game which is just lol-amazing) doesn't cap it and I get to call one more bet. Obviously the turn is the:


And here we sit. I have the ace of trump and a gut shot, and once again am obviously faced with two cold in a 14 or so big bet pot. I ponder, try to fold, then simply cannot and sling 80 more hopeless dollars into the pot. The UTG raiser now 3 bets and the 1/2 professor just calls and I...fold my hand. The river bricks of and UTG shows 88 to defeat the professor's flopped straight. So to recap:

[x] call 2 cold with 3 outs to a chop
[x] call 2 cold drawing stone dead
[x] eventually fold for 1 bet
[ ] see the river

Bluff 5/T Showdown Monkey

I'll probably get the board wrong here, but basically my best opponent by a substantial margin 3 bet my CO open and I called. I happened to be holding K9o, with no diamonds, and just called on the flop of:


I almost always check/raise here, but felt like I was a little too predictable and decided to change things up. He called, and the turn brought either the 8 or 6 of diamonds. I checked and resolved to raise his bet, which he made without much thought. My plan here is that he now has to call with all manner of cheese (hands as week as like 44 with a diamond) and will likely give me a bet I don't deserve on the river because "big pot has pear" theory will stifle his creativity. So as this is happening I resolve to bet river diamonds (which would put four on the board) as a pure bluff. And I get a gem:


I fire the last bet in rhythm and he folds what he later claimed was KT with no diamond. So to recap:

[x] make slow play with worst hand
[x] successfully bluff showdown monkey off top pair

Cap Preflop, Fold to Any Bet

This one wasn't even that interesting....Late position opens, SB 3 bets, I cap 99, both call. Board runs out AAK-T-A and I attempt to check/fold the flop, but nobody bets. The late position player bets the turn and gets called down by the SB, who eventually wins the pot with JJ (late position player had TT).


Private Joker said...

You forgot:

[ ] correctly folded A6o in the BB to a raise in a 4-way pot.

Silliest thing you did that day was call PF.

jesse8888 said...

I think it was 5 ways, but even so...I'm not quite sure I can get on board with your level of nittery.