Thursday, January 13, 2011


I typed up that last post on my phone and probably didn't give it the full justice I should have. On the river, the action went sort of like this:

Guy with straight: "Shit the board is paired, I check"
Me: "Yahoo! You have a straight and I have a full house, I bet!"
Guy with trips: "Trip eights is a good hand. I raise"
Guy with straight: "That retard could do this with just an 8. Wow, I guess I have to call, even though Jesse knows I have a straight. At least he should know."
Jesse: "Wow. Guy with straight thinks his straight still has a chance. That means he thinks that idiot might only have an eight. I am a wimp I will just call."
Guy with trips: "See look at my pretty trips"
Jesse: "Wow you are dumb"
Guy with straight: "Wow you both are dumb"

I've gone back over it a few times, and there really is no justifiable reason for me not 3 betting, simply because the guy with trip 8s cannot possibly have me beat because he didn't raise the turn (which would have required him to simply call with either 86 or 66). So I suck. Moving along to other rambling and somewhat related points (in that they all at least happened to me).

I'm going to go ahead and call out Professor Ben for being an idiot. Admittedly I'm not the one actually doing the calling out, as he posted the thread himself, but JFC man what were you thinking? Best of luck to you, sir.

Poker has been going sort of OK like for me. I have been playing online a little every day (usually for an hour, sometimes two) and things have been going pretty good. I've only booked 3K hands so far for the month (which is what happens when you play for an hour a day most days), but have been winning comfortably, even at my nemesis stake, 3/6. I'm also clearing my end of the year Ironman bonus (which was something like $450 woo hoo) and am going to have to devote one or two days to online play at some point just to finish it off. I also received an email from Bodog promising to close my account if I don't log in and make some gambool, so if you see some idiot sit down at like an 8/16 table with ten bets that is me free rolling the $164.51 I forgot about. The MitchL theory of online poker accounts demands that you never completely busto any account, leaving a few dollars here and there that you can occasionally try to run up to millions isildur1 style, with plays like this. However I think I'm already at that point with Bodog, so I'll probably just busto it, and if I don't hurray for me I'll have like $1K and have to try to figure out how to get the money out of there. As an aside...anybody want $164 on Bodog?

Live poker has been going pretty well also. I'm winning, and managing to handle the douchebaggery pretty much OK. I did have a dream last night where I stood up and berated Mr. Lee for showing three deuce off on back to back river bluffs against me, and then managed to flop two pair (jacks and fives), turn a flush (curiously impossible) and river quads (my hole cards managed to change to pocket fives in super cool fashion...I was totally expecting to see J5 when I turned them over, but instead it was pocket fives for the stone nut quadzilla. Don't ask me how I had a flush on the turn). It feels like I have been winning handily, but upon inspecting my sheet the statistics are kind of bizarre:

Days Played: 9
Winning Days: 7
Total Won: 1500
Hours Played: 65

That's really not very good, but I guess it's tough to post much better when you have a two rack loser once a week. Nearly all of my sessions have been following the same basic pattern of me lighting two (or in one case four) racks on fire in the first few hours, then eventually leaving up a few hundred bucks at quittin' time. In fact I did exactly that for five out of six sessions in the middle, with the lone exception involving me simply winning three racks without the cliff diving prelude. Of course none of these numbers actually mean anything except for the 65 hours part. That's pretty good for 9 days of play during which I begged out early at least three times (twice because I was tired/game wasn't good and once to watch the BCS game and talk shop with the Big Potato, with whom I have entered a symbiotic relationship involving him making me less bad at poker and me running computer simulations for him that I hack up in Java), although today I was definitely showing signs of wear. Tuesday and Wednesday were 9 and 10 hour days respectively, and it's just hard to put in that much play and not have it wear down on your tilt repellent. So tomorrow I am taking the day off, staying home and in general catching up on shit (and coding up some badugi stuff for the potato).

The hand reviews continue, and in general I'm finding the theme is that I'm not being careful enough with my thought processes in hands. I've picked up some good bits of wisdom, such as "in tight range spots, ABC play is often the best course of action" and "whenever I bluff, the thesis is never to get them to fold a pair. They will simply shrug and call because they have a pair. I try to get them to fold king high". I've also been posting some hands on two plus two, like:

The truth of the matter is that I still louse up hands all the time and need to stay diligent to make sure I am on point and focused for as much of my session as possible. I guess that's about it for now, but to close I will relate some absurd hands from the last few days:

5 handed and I open UTG/HJ. Mr. Lee three balls the SB, a poor player calls the BB, I cap it because I have AK, both call, and we flop:


I even have the Ks. They check, I bet, and Mr. Lee check/raises. We both call. To make a long story short the board pairs, he bets we call, then pairs again, he bets, BB folds, and I call. Mr. Lee says "good call" and shows me AQ, which sucked out for half the pot when the board paired the second time. I can only laugh and confirm with Pete that the guys play is somewhere between atrocious and bad.

Another gem involved the game's biggest fish open limping in like the CO to let me and the SB see the flop for super cheap. It comes dowh J65dd and I bet because I have 87. I know it's going to take three barrels to get the fish to fold and that he's going to have to brick out, but I have an open ender what the heck. The turn is a small diamond or something and I bet and he just calls. On the river I make my straight and bet once more. He calls and shows me a queen high flush.....I am in awe.

My favorite perhaps has gotten a little fuzzy, but basically I have aces and raise and we see a flop 3 ways. Three bets go in on the flop, with the BB check/raising me, me three betting, and the late position prop-fish calling all the way. On the turn the board reads something like T85-7 with two flush draws and I get check/raised again, with the prop again calling both bets one at a time. I call hoping to be up against just two pair or maybe a set and blessedly don't have to make a tough river decision as I spike an ace. The BB bets and I just call, assuming maybe I can get an overcall or something (and not really sure I'm not facing a nut straight) and the BB declares "one lonely pair" and I courtesy fast roll cause he's a nice guy. He claims he was open-ended with one of the nut flush draws on the turn, which I tend to believe. And boy would it have been sick if I had kings. I learned a lot about him in that hand, that basically he is capable of fast playing big draws and even putting in aggression multiway on the turn with large enough ones. This is odd because the same player decided to call preflop, check/call, check/call, and donk the river with pocket kings on like jack high board against me. Which as you can see is just absurd.

And the last one...well it's just a bad beat. The flop is AT2r and I have raised the AQcc on the button like 5 or 6 ways. I get some callers on the flop, and like 2 or 3 more on the turn 4, which puts up a spade draw. The river is the ace of spades and they again all check. I bet, and everybody folds back to the fish from the first hand who calmly calls. I turn over my hand and almost tip the dealer, but then he rolls the 98ss for the back doored flush. Once again...awe.

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