Friday, April 5, 2013

Random Thoughts

Swimming is going well.  I am getting stronger and the only injury that seems to be threatening to linger is the sore elbow.  But it's also the most manageable one, so I should be fine.  Donations have started somewhat slowly, but thank you very much to the people who have already chipped in.

I played a softball game this week.  It was fun, but sadly the team already had an old fat short white guy with double knee braces, so second base was occupied.  This means they had to put me in right field, where not only am I not comfortable, but also the balls tend to spin funny and break back towards the line off of right handed bats.  One did that and probably also hit a divot (these fields are not what you could call manicured),  made a hard right turn and got past me to turn a bases loaded single into a grand slam.  But the next three guys hit doubles, so it's not like it mattered a whole lot.  My performance at the plate was unfortunately 0-3, but with solid contact all three times (one hopper to short, line drive to second, grounder up the middle that the short stop booted).

Poker...well...Some funny shit happened yesterday in what had to be one of the worst logistical nightmares of my life.  I won't go into details of that, but here are the stories.  First, after our must move game broke a player managed to get himself taken off the board and then be at the end of the list when it restarted.  He waited patiently the whole time and made the call right before the game started (75 minutes after it went down and oh by the way of course I was 1st up the whole time).  I told the floor this.  He told me what happened.  I told him that was an angle shoot.  He told me "that's what I told him" to which I responded "but you let him do it?"  He looked at me like I had two heads.

Our next story is a bad beat.  I was winning a ton and decided to play another hour or so, and so obviously raised a limper with 55, got 3 bet, and my favorite showdown bound maniacal lag called 3 cold on the button.  Big blind calls 5 ways:


Checks thru.  Seriously.


I bet, the lag calls and so does the big blind.  Obviously I lose the pot to a small diamond on the river, but here is the fun part.  The lag shows me KJdd.  Not shit box diamond diamond.  King.  Jack.  He was on the button and checked back the AJT flop after calling three cold with the KJdd.  In a 15 bet pot.  Then of course I get the spectacular asshole card on the turn to lose three bets and I end up making a comment I shouldn't make but I mean really...this guy wonders why he loses 8 racks from time to time.

I could tell KK stories all day now but I just don't feel up to it.

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