Saturday, April 27, 2013


Another week has gone by and I've had nothing to say.  Danielle and I went to the happiest place on earth last Wednesday to celebrate her birthday (for a second time) and as usual it was a lot of fun.  Not as usual, however, we got what in my opinion was a perfect day.  High of 64 degrees or so, zero sun whatsoever, just overcast and "dreary" all day, with even a few sprinkles here and there.  It was glorious, honestly.  I wasn't hot all day, and after she made me run down main street to make rope drop, then run halfway across the park to get in the front row on the first run on matterhorn, the rest of the day was very peaceful.  We ate way too much way too bad food, but that's to be expected at Disney Land.  We rode splash mountain 3 times, which is great since it's a very fun ride and she used to be unwilling to go on it.  We hit all the usual suspects, but some of them were closed due to osha (sp?) violations (lol....if Walt had to deal with those bastards I wonder if we'd even have Disney Land).

Swimming is going still just sort of OK.  By now I need to be swimming something resembling real workouts, or at least half real workouts, or the week itself is going to be very tortuous.  It's  My goal is going to be to ramp up to about 2 miles a day from my current...1....over the next week or so, then get up to swimming some two a days so that the actual marathon itself isn't that big of a jump.  I should be fine, it's just hard to stay motivated to keep swimming after about 30 or 45 minutes.  Why would I talk about poker?  If I had something I wanted to say on that subject I'd have written in before now :)

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