Monday, April 8, 2013

Hand of the Day Number 412

Somebody limps and somebody raises and I 3-bet with AKcc and the blinds come along and we're about 5 ways, it's not really important, big pot is all.


I bet the SB check/raises me everyone folds and I call.


He bets, and I call.  What else could I possibly do?


He looks at the board (which has 5 red cards and 4 hearts), then realizes what's going on and refers to his hole cards.  He is obviously looking for a heart, and even more obviously doesn't find one, and then checks. I realize that I hold precisely the nut no-flush, so I fire a value bet.  He disgustedly calls.  I turn over the AKcc and he turns over the ATss for the stone cold nut top boat.


p4594spa said...

Are you sure he wasn't playing you? He did get one more bet out of you than he would have had he bet.

Jesse Smithnosky said...

Sure, if he check/RAISED the river that would be an awesome play. But he check/CALLED the river with the unbeatable nutter butters so no I still do not think Doc Z is actually some sort of poker savant.