Saturday, April 20, 2013

Data Structures and The Hungry

So as I was browsing through netflix to put something reasonable at the top of the queue (last night we watched The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill and if I took no action The (original) Manchurian Candidate was inbound....these movies are not awful but I mean...we can do better.  We have the technology!), I got hungry.  Then I began browsing our reserves in the kitchen and it occurred to me that, sadly, our food is basically organized as a stack.  As I was rooting around for my old stand by favorites and striking out on one after another, I realized that I was basically digging deeper and deeper down the stack.  No soft tortilla shells to make a cay sah dilla?  OK.  No yogurt (except the big container Danielle admonished me not to eat because it was for her you only have to tell me once that by the way expired in mid march), no double fiber wheat bread from the store, already had like three pieces of the loaf the bread maker outputted yesterday.  Out of tuna?  For serious?  Eventually I found myself eating baby carrots (in theory expired weeks ago but they seem fine), almonds, and a bowl of cheerios.  After that I was still hungry, so I ate a bowl of...Lucky Charms!  I don't even really like lucky charms, but they were there, and I was far enough down the stack to dig right in!  Dinner of champions!

In other news....well, there really isn't much other news.  I haven't been playing very much, have been working out a fair bit.  Played a softball game Wednesday and didn't make an ass of myself (two good plays at 2nd base, no errors, two hits and three runs).  And I guess that's about it.

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