Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Real Set

First of all, my straight swim warm ups are getting longer and longer.  I don't really know how to describe this, but when you're in shape and swimming regularly you can just sort of swim forever, kind of just like walking.  It gets boring (very boring) but you can just sort of go and go and go and you don't really get tired if you maintain the right pace.  At the peak of my powers I'm sure I could have just jumped into the pool and swum 3 or 5 miles straight with no problem whatsoever, and gotten out of the pool and honestly not even felt that worked;  doing so at a slow pace would have been far easier than the work outs we swam.

Swims like this will eat up a large chunk of the mileage I need to cover, and I was a little scared the first day when fatigue set in around 75 yards.  Today I was cruising though five hundred yards with really no problem, and if I keep at it I should probably be able to do a mile straight without much difficulty.  The actual plan for getting the 26 miles done is going to require two workouts a day (or maybe even three on some days) just so I don't go insane.  A four mile session is just more than I can handle right now without some companionship (a master's team).  If I can start them with long paced swims, that'll help tremendously.

Today's "main set" was 10x100 IM on 2:00, and you know what?  Piece of cake.  I swam them in about 1:20-1:25 (with cheating back to breast flip turns...there are no flags yo!)  The problem I'm running into now is exactly what I feared;  shear boredom.  All the injuries are under control;  not a hint of shoulder problems (the only real potential show stopper), elbow is doing just fine, and my wrist is actually getting BETTER from all this.  So that's just great.  I don't miss that itchy tingling bleached feeling I seem to have every day, and Danielle has complained once that I smell like a fish tank, but it is what it is.  I suppose my next goal is to be able to a set of 200 IMs, but that's probably a fair bit off unless I don't take the butterfly leg very seriously.

Poker.  Meh.  Who wants to talk about poker?   Fine, fine, fine, I share a story of the KK's greatness!

The KK is stuck and running out of time, and therefore playing almost every hand.  I love it when this happens (as an aside my track record setting on the left of maniacs is getting so bad I am seriously questioning if I'm doing something seriously wrong...not in this hand though), and bust his balls to no end.  I think he honestly thinks that his strategy of hit and running the game for $600 seven days in a row, then playing stuck 60 bets on the 8th is optimal!  Anyway....he opens in the cutoff and I three bet on the button with the king and the nine of clubs.  It is what it is, yes it's probably a LITTLE lose but it's CO vs Button with huge whales in the blinds who...wake up with monsters.  The SB calls three cold (could be anything) and the big blind caps a range so narrow it makes me want to cry.  KK calls, blah blah blah, four ways.  Remember, he's stuck 50 bets and just trying to steam his way even.


Bing.  Action happens.  I think the big blind bet/3-bets and I raise/cap.  The small blind calls two cold twice, and KK gets four bets into the pot on the 1-2-1 installment plan.  Let's do this a little differently and look at the hands, shall we?

SB - The man with blue tooth holds an Ace and  Queen.  He has called 4 times so far, three of them being multiple bets.

BB - Aces LDO

KK - The King and the Ten of Hearts.  That's right.  The king.  And the ten.  Of hearts.  No pair.  No draw.  Cannot win on the next card and somebody has a flush draw.

Me - 40% equity in a four way pot about to get a free card.

So on the turn we see:


And I do exactly what I'm supposed to do and take a free card.  Honestly, and this is just amazing, given the hands out there and that none of them were raising I actually had a value bet.  You all know where this is going though....

River Ten, the blinds both check, KK bets, I fold, they both call, KK wins.  He's the best.


AdamStover01 said...

Hey, he's in 3rd place on the flop! He had outs to outs imo.

Jesse Smithnosky said...

Many years ago a man in the oaks 15/30 game taught me his policy of referring to the turn card as "the eliminator." His basic premise was that if you didn't pick up a draw on the turn you'd been eliminated and had to fold your hand. But releasing your cards sooner was, in his opinion, not to be done lightly.

Daniel Araujo said...

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