Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Man I Don't Know

Blogging is just getting to be kind of tiresome.  Lots of things are getting to be kind of tiresome, to be honest.  I probably haven't been on two plus two in two weeks, and to be honest I don't even really miss it.  I kind of miss my friends, but the ones that I really want to talk with, I try to go out of my way to call on the phone or talk to on skype.  And if I haven't reached out to you in that way I apologize and would like to point out that email communication goes both ways and I guarantee a response within a few hours of reading your message.  The two plus two party in vegas is officially not happening (from what I can gather) but I will still try my best to head out there if everyone else is going.

Turns out I haven't written a blog post (or even considered writing one) in 11 days, and Danielle has actually been harping on me to provide training updates and what not.  She seems to think that people will be more likely to donate if I put up some sort of counter or something on here;  I dunno, I don't really feel like doing that to be honest.  Elizabeth has donations of over $3k now, and I think she should be able to get to the $5k she promised in order to compete in the event.  Some of you out there have donated, and for that I am very grateful;  honestly I was expecting a little more money to flow in a little more quickly, but I completely understand.  Some of the people I emailed probably hadn't heard a word from me since the last time I asked them for money almost 2 years ago, and this cause is a little different than the Aquathon so yeah...do quote a wise man....I understand.  If you're considering donating, though, go ahead and do it now on Elizabeth's page.

My training has been going pretty much OK.  I am considering joining up with a Master's team of some sort to make a real push, and I think right now I could actually survive such an endeavor.  It comes back pretty quickly, and to be honest I feel great.  I've been doing real sets and stuff now pretty consistently, although my workout tends to last only 45 minutes or so simply because I get so damn bored.  Today I did a set of 8 150s on 2:30 without much trouble at all, finishing them in around 2:00 flat.  Back in high school that would have been decidedly loafing my way through a set (such a think would have been a viable warm up before a meet actually), but for a now 31 year old who hasn't swum a real workout in a decade.  Decidedly not awful IMO.

And another thing.  I'm getting old and to be honest it's getting pretty old.  Like, seriously?  I'm 31 now?  It's 2013?  There has to have been some sort of mistake or clerical error that can account for these seemingly preposterous statements actually being, apparently, rock solid facts.  I'm coming up on FIVE YEARS as a professional poker player.  That'll be longer than I've ever done anything other than swim and play baseball in my entire life.  All kinds of scary going on.  I did recently share a childhood memory with Danielle about hitting a grand slam to mercy rule our arch rival baseball team;  one of the proudest singular moments of my life, honestly, it was just so awesome.

And then there is this thing that happened in Boston.  You know what, actually I'm not even going to go there.  It was fucking awful that's all I'm going to say.

So that's about where I'm at.  Poker is just sort of...going.  I have won a bunch recently, but my yearly results are still pathetic.  They officially shuttered the bike 40 game (they will no longer spread the game for us) and that's just a kick in the ass.  Of the like 5k I have won this year, 18 of it was in that game apparently.  Yeah that's not good...not good at all.  I was just always so, I dunno, comfortable there.  So now I must, as my swim coach always used to say, adapt, improvise, and overcome.  And that's exactly what I'm going to do :)


Anonymous said...

How much would you charge for like a 1- 2 hour crash course lesson on advanced LHE play...like 20/40 limit and 30/60 limit only....I could work around your schedule and meet at any card room in la?
What do ya think?
I'd like to learn your style of play somewhat....

Jesse Smithnosky said...

I don't even know honestly. If you were willing to work completely around my schedule and meet me at any casino, or perhaps meet me at a starbucks down here in OC...something like $100 seems like what I'd want in order to do 90 minutes with you. Email me.

RFC said...

i would be interested in something like that sometime this summer as well.