Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Two More Fun Hands

Hand 1

The nittiest of all nits opens UTG, Mr. 40 month winner calls, a mega-fish calls, I call on the button with a wired pair of eights in the pocket, the blinds call because they are in the blinds and we see a flop 6 ways.


All five of them check.  So I bet.  Why am I betting?  Nitty McNitterson will probably fold the best hand, and he's the only one who should have me beat, and everyone else will call with worse and it will be awesome.  One of the blinds calls with JThh (there was a heart out there), the big blind folds, and the nit tanks, hems, haws, and folds.  Mr. 40 months calls with probably like QTdd, and the fish calls.


The spade flush comes in, and all three of them check.  I'm not bluffing anymore, now I'm value betting!  The small blind missed the eliminator so he is eliminated, Mr. 40 months finds a fold and the mega fish calls.


OK so we have the only draw...check.  And bottom card paired...check.  So the fish checks and I....check. He has 98o send papa the money.  Nitty McNitterson?  He folded queens and declares "Well done!"

Hand 2

Some people limp and I raise in late position with KK.  We see a flop about 6 ways, maybe 7, I don't really know.


The woman on my immediate right donks into me and I raise.  THREE PEOPLE CALL ME, then she calls, and I start counting to see if there are enough spades in the deck for me to still have the best hand.  Doesn't matter....


They all check, I bet, and now only the mega fish from the previous hand and the woman call.  Yahtzee, I have this thing pretty much already won they should be drawing dead practically when.


Mega fish checks, lady donks, I snap fold, mega fish calls.  Lady tables AQ, megafish tables AJ and fully expects to chop.

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"and fully expects to chop"