Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fine. Poker.

I think it was DougL who pointed out that you can really tell how I've been running simply by having a good look at my post rate on my blog.  Originally I ranted and raved on here quite a bit;  I still do that now, but the older, gentler, maybe even wiser(?) Jesse has tended to just let that sort of shit slide more and more these days.  Writing a big long post just gets me all riled up and I'm having enough trouble sleeping as it is these days, but I'll share some of the stuff that allowed me to turn a large winner (how large?  I don't know, but the zoo was fully stocked) into a medium loss today in one of the more glorious 40/80 games you'll ever find.  And you know some of it will be from yesterday also.

I open A9cc in the cutoff, casino employee 207 3 bets her own big blind with an extremely unbalanced range.  The flop is Q99ss and I cannot defeat her AJhh.

Same villain opens the J7s in the HJ, I 3 bet the QQ and obviously lose the max for getting it in so badly.

I raise a limper with QJ, the small blind calls and peels the KKTr flop with Q7o, I check back the blank turn, and he fires the river dark which is of course a 7.  He then asks if I think I'm playing with kids and encourages me to keep three betting and burn those chips I swear he has an IQ of 50.

Same guy obviously have 54o in the small blind.  I open 97cc in the HJ we see the flop 5 ways, the board runs out 557c-Jc-4c.  For serious.

He has AKhh, I have AQcc, the flop is Q73hhh.  Managed to fold that one on the turn.

He has K2hh I have AhJs the flop is QhJh3h.  Managed to only spend 3.5 bets on that one.

I open KJ, he cold calls with KQ, the flop is K55.

6 way raised pot I have QJdd OTB, flop is QQ3 I have 3 outs and of course miss.

I open AT, he has A9, KQ3 we chop.

BvB, he flops a flush I flop top pair.

I have JT, big blind has QT, flop is T87-3-6.  I check back river yay for me.

It's just absurd, it truly, really is absurd.  And I know (I am sure) that I'm playing awful because of it and I really am not sure how to proceed.


Private Joker said...

One thing you can do is tighten up preflop. As I said to you in text I think opening 97s from the hijack is not good. Remember, Jesse, these rake games are bad news bears. They take too much out of the pot. Yes, the 5+1 in the 40 is way better than the 5+1 in the 25. But it's still $6 gone every pot.

That translates into needing to be involved in fewer pots. A way to do that is by not opening 97s from the hijack. Even from the CO I think it's a fold, but the hijack for sure. Especially with your image in those crazy games -- that pot ended up being 5-handed, right? You're just never stealing the blinds, so you end up in a multiway pot with 9-high fighting to outplay retards.

avoidthe9to5 said...

1) come learn short mix games with us
2) play mix games
3) crush peoples souls
4) ??
5) profit

timilon said...

You'd likely do better at deep NL... with less variance. Take shot at the Bike 5-5 while you still can; better yet, play on LATB and observe yourself.

xdex7 said...
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xdex7 said...
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xdex7 said...

Hello Jesse, I have enjoyed reading your blog. Since you moved into the higher games, you have kept your daily winnings/losses somewhat private, as you should. Here is a suggestion on how to keep the blog followers in the loop. Let us say you are playing 40/80 with a starting stack of $8,000. At the end of the day, say you are up $2,000. When you write your blog you could say you played 1/2 with a stack of $200 and won $50. Or you could say that you were up 25% on the day. This way, we know your winning percentage but the dollar amount stays private. Good Luck!

Private Joker said...

40/80 with a starting stack of $8,000


xdex7 said...

^ Makes the math easy for the example.

Rajib Hossain said...

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