Thursday, March 21, 2013

Card Runners Man

So there is this basically mute Asian man who plays all over LA.  He's a self taught lag, who I'm pretty sure has been running hotter than the sun basically forever, which has reinforced to him that he is in fact the best player in the city.  But recently he's stepped down, probably because raise bet bet bet bet every single hand wasn't working for a few days (or a week or whatever) and I got to play with him Monday and well...he was still trying it out.  I mean seriously, full ring limit hold 'em this guy was probably playing something like 50/30, just any possible excuse to get every possible chip into the pot, c bet every single flop no matter what cards come or how many players are out there, just barrel barrel barrel every single time.  OK, so that was fun, I beat the crap out of him, neat.  The next day he's back (I think he think's he's a pro or something) and I see him on his phone emailing...DUN DUN DAH!!!!!  Cardrunners support.  I mean maybe I shouldn't be looking at his email but whatever, that's just the most awful thing every I'm allowed a little moral lapse in light of something so awful.

He played a little better than day (still god awful), and he's back today and seems to have toned it down another notch.  Pretty soon he probably will be break even, then he'll become a small winner, then he'll go on a huge downer and give up, but until then it'll be fun to watch.  Except when this happens.

Five players limp in (including mr 40 month win streak) and the dealer starts dragging my chips into the pot from the big blind and I behold the monster that is the ten and the eight, all hearts.  ALL HEARTS!  I have been firing these pots up from the big blind for half a decade, since Shannon the Cannon was teaching lessons in the Garden City 20 (may it rest in peace).  There is no way I'm stopping now.  So I raise it up and everyone chastises me for doing so.  "You think your aces are gonna beat 7 people?" and "We'll teach you a lesson!" and the like.  So the flop comes down 7 ways and it is...and I'm not kidding....

9d 7h 6h

That is the flop.  I have the stone nut straight and four to a straight flush to boot.  Of course I bet, 40 months raises, card runners calls, mega lag calls two cold, the small blind folds, I 3 bet, we see the turn 4 ways.


I bet, 40 months calls, card runners now raises.  This is obviously terrible, but as I'm contemplating what to do the mega lag calls two more bets cold and I realize I pretty much have to 3 bet.  I do, 40 months finally gets the picture that whatever shit box he over limped with is drawing dead, card runners calls and the lag calls.


Terrible card obviously.  I bet card runner's calls lag mucks.  I show my hand, he looks super confused and shows the 96 double suited for next to bottom boat.  The small blind declares "I folded a 6!" which always makes you feel great in this spot (he starts with 4 outs, the 9h just lets him lose infinite bets, and the 6 is in the muck, so that's just 2 now) when you've just lost a 25 bet pot to a guy who has a card runner's membership thinks he's a pro but likes to limp along with the 96o.

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