Monday, February 20, 2012

[x] 220 bets

That's the current depth of the downswing. I've actually run kind of "good" during it as the total loss is only like $16K, so pretty much I just get crushed for $300 during my daily 30 minute 20/40 session. Hands like this one aren't helping:

EP limps and villain overlimps in MP. I limp along in the HJ with T8hh, the blinds come along and we see a flop 5 ways. Villain is a long time old school professional poker player. To my knowledge he has supported himself playing poker for several decades.


3 checks and villain bets. I just call. I'm super duper unbalanced here, and my range is just very weird given that I limped along preflop. If you think about it for a minute really all I have is shitty flush draws when I call here. That's literally it. But my preflop range is just loaded with queens, and everyone probably assumes I'd make expert slow play with those so in a way I have tons of cover. That's not important though as everyone folds (pretty bad result for me) and we see a turn HU


That's kind of a weird card. Just as I'm deciding what to do if villain bets he...checks. Huh, OK this is easy I have the best hand the best draw the best everything so I bet (honestly if I didn't get help on the turn and he bet I might have considered folding). He calls pretty much instantly (as instantly as he can good lord this guy plays so slowly and deliberately it's very annoying) and we see a river.


He checks again and it occurs to me that he's just not calling with the hand he's supposed to have. 86s or whatever just isn't calling my river bet here, and the ace is actually kind of a scary card because well, it just is. Like, this guy...I don't know how to describe it, it's hard to believe he can have an ace here unless it's a flush draw, but if he does have it he's calling with it and I can't beat I check it back. And he shows me:


Seriously. That's the hand he shows me. 30 year vet, full time professional, that's the hand he shows me. Ace of diamonds. Deuce of hearts.


Bre said...

Quick analysis:

You lost the hand on the flop when you didn't raise Villain. He was betting into a QQX board and he was betting out of position totally exposed. You gave him too much credit and played the hand weak/scared. If you raise the flop you establish that you have some sort of strong holding and you cut off his chance to suck out for free. You basically outplayed yourself by overthinking the situation and not playing your position to figure out what was going on.



jesse8888 said...

Yup, that must have been it, because villain didn't c/c the turn with a naked ace.

jesse8888 said...

The simplest explanation, actually, is that he thought he had A2hh and just misread his hand preflop then never looked back. That makes the story a whole lot less interesting.