Wednesday, February 22, 2012

[ ] Action

So last night Danielle basically is falling asleep on the couch at like 9:45 and I'm like "we should just go to bed" and she agrees. We manage to turn off the lights at 10:45 (a pretty good effort in our lives these days it seems...if I could know where any hour of my life goes, I'd want to know about that one, the one between when I decide to go to bed and when I'm actually trying to sleep, because it's 4% of my life just vanishing) and boom somehow I sleep like a baby and wake up at 6am feeling sharp fresh and happy to be alive. Weird, right? 7 hours of sleep, I feel great, happy about the world, etc, etc. Well don't get too excited because here comes "The City of Angels Poker Scene" TM to destroy everything. I know I'm right up against it, so I quickly shower, run the dogs, and have my car moving towards the gambool at 6:20am. Seriously, it took me 1/3rd as long to get from bed to my car as it did to go from my couch to my bed, and there was a SHOWER involved. I don't get it...anyway it doesn't matter, LA traffic cannot be defeated simply by leaving your house at 6:20am. I call my employer and of course there is no game. Some days there is a game, some days there is, no game. That's a bad beat already, a large part of the gain here would be getting paid to play a juicy overnight game then coming off the clock at noon. But OK, whatever, Commerce always has action. The map looks kind of not horrible when I leave, but by the time I need to make a call on the 5 vs the 91 it's just all fucked three ways from Tuesday. Seriously it's just incomprehensible, as if every single person in LA is locked in a struggle to get to his or her desk as early as possible and then fall directly asleep for two hours just to prove a fucking point. I choose the 91 and it just absolutely, categorically does not make a shit lick of difference. 55 minutes later I arrive at Commerce, and the situation is as follows:

8/16 - No Game, No Board
20/40 - One Game, I'm 5th up
40/80 - No Game, 3 names counting me
60/120 - One Game, I'm 5th up

I swear to you this has actually happened, and is why I am at Commerce table 135 writing a blog post. I did text Mr Volleyball on my way in, and he reported a good 20/40 game going at Hawaiian Gardens. But it's Hawaiian here I sit. 7:30am, locked out of action, with really no hope of getting in any time soon. God damn it sometimes I hate this place so much.

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