Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Day Worthy of Three Posts

I've never made three blog posts in a single day, but I've also never had a day like today. My first post summed up the morning hours very nicely (what with the traffic and the no action), and my second post mostly covered my 5 hours prop shift (during which I sat in 5 separate games, and was yanked from juicy seats unsurprisingly 4 times), leaving out only some business details. The long and short of it is over the last week or so my boss has been telling me he has been fighting to get me (and two other guys) full time status, and that it has been looking good. He's been giving me this info really without me doing a whole lot of badgering, so once again I actually believed him that it might happen. Today just before noon he told me he had approval from one guy, and that all that was left was approval from another person, and that that would be easy. In a sense he gave me a pat on the back congrats blah blah blah. Less than two hours later I get the news that it's a no go, it would be too expensive to make us full time, we have to wait until after March. So for the third (or fourth, I can't keep track) time I have been jerked around and lied to in what appears to be an effort to manipulate my behavior. I've come in the last two Sundays, played some overtime off the clock trying to help out, etc etc. My general response to this whole situation was "bite me" and I clocked out and left the building immediately upon the conclusion of my five hours. And went to...Commerce. For the second time in one day.

And oh what a fucking disaster that was. I walk into the room and the 40 and 60 lists look pretty long, so I approach the 20/40 floor man and just ask him to list me for all three games. He has a 7 handed 20 game and for some idiotic reason I sit in it. Mistake 1. I take my blind, and within seconds am called for the 60. I declare lock it up (Mistake 2...why am I getting this seat? Because the game isn't very good) and play til my blind, finishing a 10 minute session. I do not take my blind immediately in the 60 because I don't have chips. I get chips, then run off to the bathroom but miss my CO hand to post behind (Mistake 3). I then post in the HJ (Mistake 4), realize they are starting a 40 and don't snake the chips back as the dealer is dealing (Mistake 5) and end up playing a 4 hand 60/120 session and losing...$60. But wait, there's more! I do something right for once and sit in the new 40/80 game and go back and check out the 1/2 which looks amazing. I put myself on the list but am like 20th up so I don't think much of it, then play 30 minutes of 40/80 and get slobberknocked (I don't remember how it happened, it just kind of...did). Then lo and behold as I'm in the middle of a seat change (waiting for my big blind for 3 hands) I get called for the...1/2. I walk over, check out the game and decide what the fuck it looks alright there is this one guy who's pretty bad and these two other pros I know are sitting in an 8 handed game, there are some faces I don't know...should be fine. Alarm bells are going off that I somehow got this seat from 20th up, that I don't even know the floorman who is giving it to me, that basically every other human in the casino could have had this seat and chose not to take it, but whatever. I go to the cage for my 4th color of chips and bring $5000 in quarters (lol just two racks) to the game. This is my big fucking moment. Xavier, the guy who dry raped me that week at HG, is there. Hakke (or DPR? I get those guys confused) is in the game. I'm sitting in the 1/2, I am the fucking shit, here we go. I watch 3 hands and seat 5 is clearly the mark, open limping and losing all three. Great. I post my natural blind in seat 4 five folds his hand, racks up his chips and walks away. I swear to fucking god this actually happened. Hakke (and I aplogize to you sir if you're DPR and I'm confused) looks at me from the 7 seat and just laughs and is like "We were all happy before you got here, just limping along, playing a friendly game of poker" and it's just seriously amazing. The two other pros I know insta-quit the game for greener pastures, and 4 hands later it's my turn to post the blind 5 handed. I opt to take my $600 loss, lick my wounds and walk back over to Jack (with Xavier) and relist myself for all the games I've already quit. That then, was the popping of my 1/2 cherry. It was, to say the least, a bit anticlimactic.

Eventually I manage to sit and play 40 for like 3 hours (my 11th table of the day, not counting getting must moved), and I play these two hands:

Hand 1.

Gun opens, Gun Plus One calls, HJ Calls, I 3 bet the CO with AQo, the blinds fold, Gun calls, and Gun Plus One...back caps. HJ calls, I call, and away we go welcome to Commerce.


Gun checks, Gun Plus One bets, HJ calls, I call, Gun folds (lol seriously bro?) and we see a turn of:


Gun Plus One makes like he's going to bet, then decides not to and and checks. HJ checks, I bite and bet you know my stone nuts, and Gun Plus One unleashes the c/r. HJ tanks for like 30 seconds then folds, and during his tank I almost start talking to myself out loud at the table, something to the tune of "jesus christ is it really possible? can he really have it here? Is he going to show me 22? Just wow", and then I call.

Gun Plus One smoke bets the river. The river is dealt:


I call and he shows me 64dd. That's the hand alright...6. 4. diamonds. [x] flushie

Hand 2

This one is short and simple. I open the CO with red queens, button calls, HU


I bet/3/5 and he calls. Turn is a 3, I bet and he...folds. Once again, welcome to Commerce.

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