Monday, February 6, 2012

[ ] Jackpot

I know there is a lot going on but in the meantime I must continue to play poker at some passable level so here are two things that actually happened to me during my last two shifts:


I am the last prop standing in our 40/80 game when La Peste walks in the room. I yell over to him at the cage, asking if he's here to play poker. He looks a little confused and nods his head up and down, so I curse a little and tell him he can have my seat. I'm about to be under the gun and declare to the table "I'm up $19 guys...if I play this hand, get out of the way" Of course I pick up queens, raise, and get 3 bet by a feisty older gentleman. The small blind calls them cold, I cap and we see a flop of:


The old man raises me, which is wonderful news since it means he doesn't have an ace. The small blind calls, which is horrendous news since it means he has an ace. I call getting 17:1 planning to bink a queen or at least get to see the river for free thanks to the feisty guy.


Checks through. Brilliant!


That's right, the board is A75AA and I have queens. The jackpot is $34K. The small blind bets, I call, feisty calls, and the small blind produces...A2ss. Feisty has TT, and I do not pass go, nor do I collect $17,000


The game is now 20/40, so the jackpot is bigger, $41,600 to be precise. This kid is making noise about seat changing for like 10 minutes, then finally does, switching from 7 to 5, with me in the 6. So for the next two hands he gets exactly my starters and I get exactly his; after that how we play our hands will have changed everything. So the very next hand a prop raises UTG, the kid folds, and I look down at the A6dd and send it into the muck without so much as a second thought. The small blind 3 bets, UTG calls, and the board runs out:


And the SB has jacks. I swear to god this happened. There is a zero percent chance the kid would have ever folded my hand, so if he doesn't seat change we bonk the jackpot and my table share is over $2K (only 7 people were dealt in). But he did change, so he didn't win $10K, I didn't win $2K, and generally speaking nothing good happened.


AdamStover01 said...

Would you have won the jackpot in the 2nd hand if you had A6 since you could only tie the board but not beat it?

Hang in there man.

jesse8888 said...