Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Hands

I'm just going to post two more hand because they are amazing. The details of the first are a little sketchy but the basics are 100% accurate. A fish limps and I raise with JTss. We are in late position. The big blind 3 bets, we call, and the flop is:


I may have the 3 wrong, but it's not important. The big blind bets, the fish calls, I raise, the big blind 3 bets, the fish calls again and I just call.


What a terrible card. The big blind bets, the fish folds (just wow), and I call.


X was less than 7 and didn't pair the 3. The big blind bet, I called, and he declared with a great flourish "ACE QUEEN" and tabled exactly that. A black ace and a black queen. That's his hand. Ace. Queen. High. Moving right along....

I open the gun 8 handed and the gun plus 1 3 bets me. The same fish from before pads the pot in the big blind and see a flop. I happen to have KQcc and MikeL is standing behind me on sweat patrol. Villain mutters something in barely discernible English about how I cannot win with a black cat standing behind me, and I tell Mike to stand behind her. He obliges and she's not happy about it.


The fish checks, I check, villain bets, the fish folds, I raise, villain 3 bets, I 4 bet and villain 5 bets. I just call, planning to donk safe turns. Trust me.


That's not safe at all. I check/call.


We put in like 6 bets or something and she shows AhQd. MikeL laughs hysterically and says "It's not even diamonds" while she is berating me for sucking out on her.

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DK said...

Amazing games... Must make u feel warm and fuzzy inside:)