Thursday, February 9, 2012

Again...This Happened

I really just want to write this down on paper because to be honest I'm not sure how it even happened. So I roll up to commerce around 4:30 and put my name up on the boards for 20, 40 and 60. I'm 1st up for 40 and there are 3 games, so I don't put a whole lot of focus on anything else, and sure enough that's the seat I get within 10 minutes. The must move 60 looks kind of not terrible, and there are 15 names on the board, but it's going to break as soon as like the 1 or 2 spots quit. There are like 4 winning pros in it, including howmany, and really I just don't want anything to do with it. So I'm playing 40 and sailboats cruises in and says basically "bro the 1/2 is amazing" and i'm like "...." and I walk back there and sure enough the game is amazing. So I list myself. Why not, right? So then I'm back to playing 40 and I get called for the 60 and don't take it, then they go through the "calling the whole board" thing and nobody takes it and sure enough the game is like 4 to 6 handed for a bit and whatever.

At this point I should have seen it coming, but...well...nope. I go check on the 1/2 board (it's way in the back like 150 feet away) and talk to my old boss who is a commerce floorman now about the fact that he owes me a W2, and tell where I am and that I do want the 1/2 seat. I'm actually second up, so like I'm probably gonna get in. Sailboats has been in the game for like 45 minutes at this point, and the only reason I'm in this mess is that I didn't list myself when I got there, but whatever. So then it happens. I go back to my 40 and get bludgeoned for like 2 racks (somehow I left stuck only like $600 today everyone at my table must have been trying to lose) and the 60...breaks. And then, under cover of darkness, an entire, 9 handed, must move 1/2 is created. They don't call the game down over the no. They just sit and play. I walk back to the board and realize I'm now...3rd. And the board was rewritten. "That's weird" i say to myself. I still don't know the second game has even started, so I talk to another floorman who tells me I'm first up. "Great!" I respond. So I go back to the 40 and only then do I realize that howmany, ontherail, and 7 other humans have created an entire full game, which is now cock-blocking me from the main. I am shocked, but not really surprised, and tell the floor to take me off the list.

So that's how I didn't play 1/2 today.


that_pope said...

Did they convert the 60 to 1/2? Still don't know how that gives them preference to the main game.

jesse8888 said...

No, they broke the 60 and started the 1/2 without using the intercom. It just...appeared. And no floor man came over to get me and it's in another corner of the room so I didn't see it.