Saturday, December 27, 2008

Run like the Jesus, you must

Now that you’ve listened to be talk about the boring stuff that is the rest of my life, time to get onto some hands where I own people, get owned, or somehow have the bejesus beaten out of me. Oh wayt…first my new found staking situation, which so far has netted me a nice profit.

So Yodaman is a friend of mine from two plus two. He’s a good guy, and I even had dinner with him once a while ago (which is more than I can say for any of my other two plus two friends). He’s a student, has a job, and recently got robbed (specifically his car got jacked up while parked in San Francisco). He mostly plays live 8/16 but was hoping to move up/take some shots at bigger games. At the moment, though, the prospect of getting raped for 3 racks at 20 is a little more than his heart, head, or wallet could bear. Enter Jesse. Twice recently Yoda has met me at the casino and we have made the gamble together at the 20/40 table, sitting next to each other with me taking half of his action. Now each time I have done this it just so happens that I have gotten the snot kicked out of my personal stack. The second time Yoda basically broke even (he lost 5 bets, or 200, total, only 100 of which was mine). The first time, however, Yodaman ran like, well, Yoda. He was unstoppable. To wit:

I’d just moved to the table to sit with my horse and watched him raise a limper from late position. He got 3-bet from somewhere (the blinds I think) and didn’t cap. This is always a bad sign. The flop came down AJX (Not sure what the X was) and Yoda went to absoulte war. He got like 3 bets in on the flop and two more on the turn. By the time the big blind called on the river with his AK, it was pretty apparent he was no good. Yoda rolled AJ for top two. A few hands later Yoda got into a 3 or 4 bet pot preflop and proceeded to nut the sucker with top set of Jacks. Then his Kings held up, he made a flush or two, I can’t even remember what all happened. Within an hour Yoda’s 800 dollar buy in had morphed into 4.5 racks of chips. It was just beautiful to see. He finished the day with something like $2040 and I got to put 620 dollars of profit into my right pocket. Not before, however, the following awesomely fantastic hand happened:

Yoda opens on the button. This is a bullshit raise, and he’s doing it with some preposterous percentage of his preflop holdings…like…50. I behold the ace and the queen of the spades and turbo three bet him from the small blind. The big blind fails to see the do not disturb sign we’ve laid out on the hand though and calls. Yoda caps, and now I’m a little concerned. Away we go 3 handed:

KJT rainbow

Why oh why must I flop the nuts against my horse? Such is the way it goes. I check/raise him (probably should have donked it) and we go to war, with me putting in either the 4th or 6th bet (the big blind got the picture pretty quickly). The turn, however, is a queen, and some more bets go in…perhaps 3. I’m not sure. On the river he just calls me and says “we’re chopping” as he rolls AK. This hand was fantastically fun to play, but net profit for Yoda and I….73 dollars. The pot was massive, something like 700 dollars, and the dealer had to chop the whole thing up. Pretty funny.

Final result for the day, Yoda wins me 600 bucks. If you're gonna stake someone, it might as well be a Jedi.

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