Tuesday, December 2, 2008

November Stats

I'm not going to apologize again for waiting so long to post. It's the holidays, and I've got stuff happening, as evidenced by these numbers:

Mid-Limit hours played: 138

This is painfully low. Add to that the fact that almost 20 of them were in the Artichoke Joe's 15/30 game, and my 20/40 hours for the month totaled only 116. I've decided I'm not playing that 15 game anymore after this Thursday, when I stop in for 2 hours while I get my car serviced at Melody Toyota.

Current win rate at 20/40 lifetime: $61/hour

This is a great number. Seeing it in print makes me even more upset that I only managed about 27 hours a week of live 20/40 this month. What on Earth was I doing?

Current 6/12 session losing streak: 6

I end up playing the smaller games here and there while waiting to get into the 20 or 15, and of late I seem to just always lose. In fact, in my last 40 hours of live 6/12 (dating all the way back to April), I'm stuck an astonishing $1400 dollars. This is a truly incredible number, the equivalent of playing a week of 20/40 and losing over $5,000 (which I suppose I've basically done once in about half the time, so....perhaps not that incredible).

Winning 20/40 sessions in November: 19
Losing 20/40 sessions in November: 2
Days I went without a losing 20/40 session: 23

People probably play for years without having a run like this in a single game. I lost at virtually every other game I played (6/12, 8/16, 15/30, and 40/80), but at 20/40 I could do practically no harm.

Net Profit: ~$13,000

Looking at my records, I realized that the trend this month was for me to win a bunch of money and quit my session early. It's ok to do this once in a while, but this month I really took it too far. In December I'm going to make sure I get in enough hours, regardless of how I'm running.


CT said...

Could you do a post containing your favorite training tools? Software, books, whatever.

Nick said...

I post on 2p2 and have send you pm's, I play the 8/16 and 6/12 games in Minnesota.

Quitting while your ahead would have made me an extra $4k in October and I STILL had a winning month, it's just my play deteriorated and I started playing too predictable.

I think for certain playing styles, you need to hit a table and then walk away honestly.

My skill isn't enough to where I can weather a 12 hour session and not become a little too predictable for my own good.

So don't sweat it I say, get up when you're ahead and feel good about it, just put in more sessions throughout the day at different stakes?

As time goes on, perhaps you can lengthen out your sessions as you get better at switching up playing styles when necessary.