Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just quads?

Friday was a Bay 101 day, and I showed up good and early (around 10:30am) to make sure I beat the masses. I played 8/16 like I'm not supposed to do and managed to win a stack (40 bucks) before getting a 20/40 seat at 11:15. I then promptly lost $1000, during which I won relatively few pots but always seemed to do so with utter monsters that nobody would pay off. To wit, I flopped quad-queens against Jerry the prop and two other players, but Jerry donk-bet from the blind and both other players folded, so extracting much value was difficult (on a board of QQ9 when you hold QQ, there isn't a whole lot for the other guy to have that isn't a total bluff). Net profit on the hand was around $180, or 4.5 big bets. Nothing to sneeze at, but quads could stand a bit more action.

Myself and two other 2p2ers are texting back and forth commenting on the locations of the various fish spread throughout the 4 games. Hammerin' Hank actually puts himself on the seat change list in anticipation of the next known fish coming off the list (we will call him K). K gets called to my table, and I am instantly deluged with texts from Hank and Pete deriding my luck box nature. I simply smile. K doesn't play nearly as awful as usual, and eventually Hank takes his table change to another game with other fish to fry and Pete actually comments to me on a break that my table is "pretty bad". I disagree and stick it out, until my arch-nemesis shows up. In my 4+ months of doing this poker thing there has only been one human being who has really, truly, and deeply pissed me off. His board name is cobra, and he is the most righteous, arrogant prick I think I have ever met. I put up for a table change instantly as to avoid insano monkey tilt and soon get a change to Pete's table. Then the feast begins.

At first things are just a roller coaster, with me moving up and down between stuck 400 and stuck 900. I win some, I lose some. I make trip aces and get called down, I make a 7 high flush and lose to a queen high one. Same old, same old.

Then, in the course of about 20 minutes, the following three hands happen (perhaps not in this order, but that's not really important).

Somebody limps and an awful player raises in the cutoff. Will, the biggest fish of record at the table who plays 80% of his hands preflop and never raises, calls two cold because that's what he does, and I behold the Jack and the Ten of hearts in the small blind. I call 1.5 cold, Pete comes along for the ride in the big blind, and the limper calls. The flop is:

QJ4 with the queen and jack of diamonds.

It checks through. Interesting I say. PFR has worse than a jack (AK or a little pair), and it's fairly likely nobody has a flush draw. I might have the nuts!

QJ4-7 three diamonds now.

See my previous point about nobody having a flush draw. I bet. Pete goes into the tank and eventually calls. The limper and preflop raiser fold, and Will calls because nobody took his cards away yet (he probably has a 7).

I don't remember the river, but it was a non-diamond lowish card and I bet it. Pete went to the tank again and eventually folded. Will turbo-called, I tabled my hand, Will mucked and Pete put his head in his hands, telling me he folded AJ. So I got the best hand to fold and still collected a bet from a losing hand. Things are looking up.

I then limp in with QTo from a bit too early and see a flop of K94r in an unraised (read: small) pot. I call a bet on the flop getting about 7:1 when I'm 11:1 to hit my hand, but I accurately assess my implied odds to be "large". Of course a jack slides off the deck and I check/raise my opponent. He calls me down and I collect 6 more small bets total on the hand.

I find Aces and 3-bet somebody. Will has of course cold-called in between (he's on my right, where the resident mega-fish must always reside), and I think somebody else played as well. I flop four aces and bet all three streets when checked to, collecting calls from Will all the way. On the river as he's calling I declare my hand "Quads" and turn it over. He looks at me and says "just quads?" and mucks.

At this point or shortly there-after I was up almost $1500 for the day. I hung around for another 90 minutes to wait out traffic and posted a $900 win for the day. Now it's time for another session.

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