Thursday, December 18, 2008

A new poker term

The last three days have gone pretty well for me...all winners, for a total of almost 2000. Monday and Tuesday I spent at Bay 101 playing 20/40, and managed to generate a few interesting stories.

I sit down in the game and haven't even posted yet. Eric, a "semi-pro" from what I can gather is in the small blind. Eric is one of those guys who doesn't chop when it folds to him in the blinds (most players just agree to take their bets back, to avoid the house taking rake on the hand) and this hand turns into a nightmare for him. He raises the small blind, and the big blind turbo 3-bets him. Eric thinks (as he always does) before 4-betting, and the big blind turbo-5 bets him. Once more Eric thinks, and a 6th bet goes in. Before he's even done cutting it off the big blind 7-bets him. Eric thinks and calls. Timeout:

Eric is a good player. He would NEVER have stopped with Aces. Therefore, he does not have aces.


I am excited for Eric, as he has a set here 100% of the time. He donk-bets, the big blind raises, and he 3-bets. So far I think I've got this one figured....KK vs AA. Tough break big blind, Eric just flopped the bejesus out of you. Big blind calls only, which is odd merely because he's already raised 4 times this hand.


Sort of an interesting card. Eric bets and collects a call.

T, for a final board of KQJT4

I stand up and laugh out loud....I look away from the table because I can't bear to watch...Eric looks at me and shrugs. "What can I do?" he says and checks. BB bets. Eric calls. And it happens...the big blind rolls 98 of diamonds for the runner runner idiot end of the straight. I don't even think there was a diamond on the flop. It doesn't matter....Eric is beside himself. The entire table is dumbfounded. I've never seen Eric loose his cool (he's great to play with) before, but this was more than he could bear. To be clear, the man 7-bet 9-high preflop, then flopped himself a 1.6% chance to win and got there.

In quick succession Eric's nemesis makes another gut shot, and a few more are made over the next orbit. Finally I call a raise from the big blind with A3s and this happens.

5 players in or some such for a flop of:


I call a bet and we see a turn of


Bang! Gutshot Magic Baby! I check/raise the field, yet somehow there are still three of us in the pot to see the river of:


I bet and am raised...I sheepishly call and am shown 78 for the nut straight. Whatchagonna do? It is at this moment that lay claim to the poker phrase "Gut over Gut", as in "When you get gut over gutted, you're supposed to lose a lot of chips".


havin_a_laff said...

Nice story. Makes me want to experience live play. Real people are so much more interesting than avatars.

TiocfaidhArLa said...

Trips over trips is carnage I'm well experienced at, especially PLO. Gut over gut is a new one on me so I think that I've been lucky to avoid serious scarring as yet.

The runner runner idiot straight is the real McCoy bad beat.

Congrats on another few days of wins.