Friday, August 22, 2008

Week 3 Results

A much cheerier outlook for week 3, Saturday the 16th until just now, Friday the 22nd. I didn't keep records of how long I played 2/4 limit (that's right) and 4/8 Omaha High/Low Split (again, that's correct) in Reno because I was really just playing for fun. I did lose money in the games and will count the losses in my totals, but won't be reporting the hours. This is what happens when you drink for 12+ hours straight for 3 days in a row....

Total winnings: 2640
Total hours: 19.5 (this does not count 6+ hours of messing around in small reno games with my buddies)

My plan was to play a lot of serious poker in reno, but after I won 6 racks in my first 6 hours in the 20/40 game, I decided to call that off and actually take a vacation. I donked off 400 dollars in a 1/2 NL game (I successfully called down with AQ unimproved out of position, only to be shown A9 that rivered a 9...then flopped a set and got it all in on the turn and was shown a flush...I got tricky on that one, but would have lost my whole stack anyway I'd played it).

The only "disappointment" of this week was that I did not hit my hours goal of 40. That was a conscious decision, however, and I'm glad I made it. I came back from Reno fully charged and put in 13 hours of live 20/40 yesterday and today (result: +~300).

The Reno trip made me realize that one of the biggest perks of this lifestyle is the ability to spend times with friends, either locally or by traveling. I basically took 5 days of my life to go hang out and drink with my buddies and was none the worse off for it. I actually considered extending my stay past when they all left, but thought it better to get "back to work" at Bay 101.

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