Thursday, August 7, 2008

Out of Clever Titles

Today's session was played at Bay 101 (I had been alternating, but decided to back to back the Bay today because I wanted to avoid it on Friday as the lists are usually longer than my...well, you get the idea). I got a seat at 12:30 and had a great 6.5 hour session.

And they don't even know....

My first interesting hand goes down like this:

A bad player limps UTG and I raise KT of hearts next in. I am 3-bet by a good player, two more players call the two bets (the blinds I think), and the 3-better says "Cap it!" to the UTG player upon whom the action currently sits. He caps it all in (he is out of chips for exactly the 4-bets), I of course call, and we see the flop 5 handed for 4 bets each.

K72 two diamonds

It is checked to me, I bet, everyone calls. This is great...the 3-better didn't raise!

T of spades

Wow, how I have two pair. If I wasn't good before, I sure am now. I bet, and one player calls.

T of clubs

Runner runner boat. Well done dealer, well done. I bet, last player folds. The all in player turns over his cards to reveal AQ both clubs. I have to laugh for a second....had he raised preflop, like he was supposed to, I'd have never entered the pot in the first place. Ooops.

10K on Display

This guy sits down at my 20/40 table and pull a brick of hundreds out of his pants and starts counting them in plain view, right at the table. He counts them at least twice, and still has them on display during the next hand. Eventually he bands them up and puts them in his jeans. It was at least 7 or 8 thousand, probably more like 10, and I decide he's just being an ass. Then they call him for the 80/160 game and it all becomes clear. 8K is a totally reasonable amount to have on hand for that game.

I Ruin a Life

Recently a player at our table went on a very sick heater. He won 3 pots in a row at one point and probably something like 8 out of 14. While this was happening "Angry Man" has been saying stuff like "what a marginal hand" and "you don't know how marginal your hand was" and "how does stupid play like that get rewarded" and "i bet he thinks he's a good player". All this while Mr. Heater is still at the table! Mr. Heater is a bad player and I want him to stick around, but shortly afterwards he racks up his 3500 dollar stack and walks to the cage. Afterwards, Angry Man can't stop talking about him, saying "when you play like that you'll lose 19 out of 20 times" and keeps calling him stupid. I say "I don't get it. You think he's a bad player and is going to lose, so you berate him and call him stupid until he leaves the table? That's your strategy?" Two people at the table back me up, and Angry Man (honestly) says "I didn't say he was stupid, I said that was a stupid play" and sincerely thinks there is a difference. Whatever. He has tapped the glass and must be punished.

I am dealt KQ offsuit and open the pot for a raise after a limper. Angry man calls, so does another player, and the pot goes off about 5 handed.

K95 two hearts hit the board

This is already a large pot and "large pot tactics" come into play. Large pot tactics dictate that you have to do everything you can to get your opponents to fold live hands (hands that have outs) against you. Anyway, I bet the flop and I think everyone calls.

The turn is a small heart. I don't remember what it was exactly sadly, but I am not too happy to see it. However, the fact that nobody raised the flop means that I'm probably safe from a flush. I bet, two players behind me (including Angry Man) call, and a fourth player, who just got called for the 80/160 game, raises while saying in accented English "Going to 80/160". The action is on me and I think long and hard, then realize my decision is simple; 80/160 man has only 5 chips left, not even a full bet. I 3-bet the turn with 1 pair. The player on my left looks at me funny and calls, and Angry Man peels off two more bets and calls. Then the river:

K59-x-9 with three hearts

I bet. Lady on my left folds. Angry Man looks furious and folds. 80/160 man says "full how?" and I say with pride "Two pair!" and table my hand. He mucks in disgust. Angry Man claims I'm "very lucky" and I say "why's that?" He says "the river saved you, I already had two pair" and then proceeds to take a walk for 10 minutes.

Let's think about this. Sadly I have forgotten the turn card, but it was below 9. He either:'

1. Is lying. This is most likely.
2. Called two bets cold preflop with like 7 high (or K5) and neglected to ever raise with 2 pair in a massive pot. Therefore, he is an idiot.

Hard to say which is true, but man that was sweet. I don't think I've ever 3-bet the turn with 1 pair, shown it down, and had it been good.

The Bison Appears

2p2er BisonBison appears at the tail end of my session. He sweats me for two hands where I win a small pot and then flop a set of kings in a pot that was capped preflop. He is a good sweat indeed.

Final session result: +1495 in 6.5 hours of play.

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