Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shot Taken, Nothing Interesting Happens

Today's session was played at Bay 101. The sum result of 5.5 hours of live 20/40 was a win of 143 dollars. I yet again put in too much action with hands that could not possibly win and probably should have saved 3 or 4 bets. I did however have the following humorous hand occur:

I open raise QTo from the cutoff. The big blind calls and we see a flop of:

Q94 two hearts.

He checks, I bet he calls.


He checks, I bet, he raises, I think and decide to call down.


He bets, I call, he looks at his hand like it's the nuts then says "whoops" and shows J8. He thought he had J9 and lit 80 dollars on fire because of it. Whoops indeed sir, whoops indeed.

Ballin A Little Higher

A few hours into my session they were advertising open seating in the 40/80 game and I decided to give it a shot. Two players at the game were known to me as "not so great" and it was only 8 handed, so away we went. I bought in for $2000 (holy crap) in $10 chips and played for 45 minutes. Nothing very interesting happened other than a guy freezing me up with a donk bet on the turn that I fell for (I called him down and checked behind when the worst card in the deck, the A of spades that completed a flush draw, hit on the river and he checked. I had KK, he had Q7 for top pair before the Ace). I left the game up a whopping 7 dollars and went back to 20/40, where I proceeded to win back what I'd lost in the first 2.5 hours.

Net result for the day: +150

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