Monday, August 4, 2008

KQ good Sir

So my 6 hour session today wasn't actually very interesting. I played through 3 tables at Bay 101, and went from up 1100 to down 500 and eventually finishing with my first small loser. The only interesting hand I can think of was:

My Soul is Read Again

I limp T8s after one limper (I fail. I should raise or fold). Good player raises, and we go off 5 ways. My image is that of a lunatic because I have been getting dealt JJ or better every other hand for an hour.

The flop is 995 two of my suite and I check raise the guy. He calls and we're heads up on the turn (everyone else folded to his bet). I bet the blank and he calls. I bet the blank river and he calls again. I table my hand like it's the nuts (I have Ten high) and he looks at it for way too long (he doesn't want to show what he just called me with if he doesn't have to) then tables KQo for no pair, no draw, no nothing. I am stunned, but it's a lesson learned; your image is important. Next time I'll just continue to fast-play my set of nines against him. His comment; "against anyone else I fold, but him...I don't trust him." Nice.

Technical Details

I managed to open a safe deposit box at Bay 101 today, without much effort really. Basically they give you a key and all you need to produce to get at your box is the key, your ID, and your box number. I left some cash in the box, so now I don't need to carry cash around when I head to Bay 101. Good deal. The only bad part is that they require a 100 dollar deposit which you only lose if you lose the key to your box; this isn't really bad I guess. I plan to open one at Garden City tomorrow.

Sorry for the lack of entertainment value, but my session just wasn't that interesting. Hopefully I'll have some more interesting stuff to say tomorrow.

Final result: -263


Steve said...

That is the most ridiculous read ever.

jesse8888 said...

I know seriously. I mean, I can't have ace high diamonds?