Friday, August 22, 2008

Week 2 Results

I realized I never posted my week 2 results (I'm going to try and get caught up here but separate the posts logically). Here goes:

Week 2 of my trial run, from Saturday the 9th to Friday the 15th:

Total winnings = -123 dollars
Total hours played = 49.25
Unsuccessful 40/80 shots = 1 (total lost = 1856 in about 4 hours)

So in short, I continued to run well at 20/40 (about +1800 in a little under 40 hours), but got obliterated in the 40 game (and lost a little bit in some other smaller games) to round out a basically break even week. Bleh.

During the end of week 2 I definitely had a few days where I didn't want to drive to the casino to play poker. I forced myself to play though, and didn't take any days off, because I knew I was goingn to Reno for 5 days and wanted to be able to make the most of it with a clean conscious. More on that to follow...but the lesson was that I can't just mindlessly play hours. I need at least my B game in order for it to be worth carrying on in a session.

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