Monday, August 4, 2008

The Cannon Makes an Appearance

Yesterday's session was played at Garden City (careful, the home page plays irritating music) from about 2pm to 10pm. Of technical note, here are one and two hands of interest.

The highlight was getting to play for a bit with "The Cannon". The Cannon is a rare breed of player who is always happy, whether winning or losing. She forces the entire table to have fun along with her; she's just a delight to sit with. Also, she's what we would call an "action player", one who is not afraid to fire some chips into the pot. Needless to say, when The Cannon makes an appearance I am first up for a table change. Yesterday all her shots were hitting the mark, however, and she did successfully hit and run the table.

The Cannon can read souls

The Cannon live 40s it, next player in who is an irritating jerk** calls two cold (which is awful no matter what cards he holds), next guy in 3-bets, I think someone calls, I don't really know....

Flop is 579. Irritating jerk bets, a few calls.


Irritating jerk bets, only The Cannon calls.


Irritating jerk bets, only The Cannon calls. Jerk says "Nice call, you win" but holds onto his cards. He has to show first, as he was called. He tables 64 for...6-high. The Cannon tables Q4 for....Q-high, and drags the rather large pot. The table erupts in laughter, led on by myself and a railbird standing up and bowing repeatedly to The Cannon as I proclaim her ability to read souls.

**Previous hand against irritating Jerk...I am in the BB and get a free look with K4. Flop is J84. I call one time. Turn K. I check/raise him. He is livid, as if check raising is not allowed. River J, he jumps out of his chair and tells me that's what I get for check/raising. I tell him, verbatim, "There is no reason to be a prick about it". He mutters in accented English "Check/Raise...." I say "It's just a game man, no reason to be an asshole about it". He asks why I'm "all worked up" and I point out that he's the one who's not in his chair.

The Cannon Calls her Shot

The Cannon 3-bets prefop and the pot ends up going off for 4 bets 5-handed. 3 bets go in on the turn at least 4 handed, so the pot is getting close to a month's rent for me (probably upwards of 25 bets are in there...960 bucks). While calling 2 more bets cold on the turn The Cannon declares to the dealer "3 of spades!" At this point the board reads:

AQ8-4 with two spades

The river is the 3...of hearts. Checks to The Cannon who bets. She is called twice and graciously tables 52 of spades for a 5 high straight. The railbird and I again stand and bow repeatedly, as I proclaim her the Babe Ruth of the Garden City 20 game.

I miss

This was was lol funny. I change seats and post a big blind between the button and small blind (allowed in Garden City). UTG limps, one or two more limps, someone raises, a cold-call or two, and I call with J4 both spades for one more bet. Some other calls, I don't really know, and now UTG limp-reraises (which usually means he has a monster) and it gets capped. Now I say to myself "self, calling two more bets with J4 suited really isn't that good of an idea here...but the pot is...let's see....7 handed. I think I have to call here. Good for him, he got me to put in 3 bets instead of zero with my garbage hand"

Pot goes off 7 handed for 4 bets each. Lo and behold I do flop a spade draw on a board of 862. I check/3-bet the sucker and we see the turn 4 handed. The pot now has 800 American Dollars in it, and we have not yet seen even 4th street. The turn brings...A JACK! Hmmm, I say to myself "self, your hand is not yet winning, but you do have 14 outs and the pot is 4 handed. you must bet" and so I bet. They all call. The river brings a beautiful 4. I bet, UTG calls, I table my hand and say "I missed", indicating that I did in facxt miss my spade draw. UTG flashes Aces in disgust. A late position player informs me that he had a bigger spade draw, and that I was in fact drawing almost completely dead on the flop. Today I am the pigeon.

Final results: +327. Not a heater, but still over 40 bucks an hour :)


Steve said...

You are awesome, Jesse. See you in Reno.

jesse8888 said...

gonna have to own that peppermill game pretty hard.