Saturday, June 8, 2013

Workout Number 12

Saturday 6/8
Community Pool

500 warmup

Total Yards:  2952.76
Total Yards To Date:  41811.88
Yards in 26.2 Miles:  46112
Yards Remaining:  46112-41812 = 4300

It is Saturday so the community pool will be crawling with kids as soon as the sun comes up (which in June is around 10-11am lol....I always thought Danielle's dad was kidding about "June Gloom" but he's really spot on) so I'll need to finish the workout at 24h Fitness.  4300 is more than I wanted for the last swim, but given I knocked out 7500 straight in that pool on Day 1 (in retrospect that's mind boggling) it should present no problem if I bring food with me.

I'm hesitant to write about lessons learned before I actually complete the swim, but I do have some things in mind that I'll say once it's in the bag.  One thing that I will say is that I've realized the end is going to just be the most depressing anticlimactic thing ever.  I'm just going to be cruising along swimming 100 yard free styles and all of a sudden I'll coast into the all and it'll just be...over.  Nobody will cheer.  Nobody will clap or shake my hand.  Nobody will even know.  The other 5 to 10 people in the pool area won't even turn their heads.

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